Bradley Cooper Drops Out of 'The Crow' Remake; Mark Wahlberg Rumors Resurface

It's been a strange road for The Crow remake. We've been covering the film since 2008, and during that time it's gone through multiple directors, writers, and lead actors. Now, it appears that The Crow is going through yet another change.

Most recently, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Hangover star Bradley Cooper were linked to the project. Fresnadillo is still directing the film, but it looks like he's going to need another star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cooper has left the project due to scheduling conflicts with Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost. (Such is the life of a hot Hollywood A-lister.) Cooper's departure opens up the role for another actor, and, interestingly, one of the names being discussed is a blast from the past.

In addition to the news that Cooper is leaving the film, THR reports that Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg are being considered as possible replacements. Fans might recall that Wahlberg was offered the lead role for the film last year, but he announced that he would not be playing the part a couple of months later.

One of the reasons Wahlberg said he dropped out of The Crow was because his preferred director (Stephen Norrington) was no longer attached to the film. Considering that Norrington still isn't on board, it seems unlikely that Wahlberg would return to the project, but stranger things have happened.

The rumor that Channing Tatum may be involved the project makes more sense, and could actually be a good turn for the actor. With lead roles in films like G.I. Joe, Tatum has become a legitimate movie star and is one of the few actors in Hollywood that could get audiences excited about yet another Hollywood remake. Whether you like him or not, he definitely fits the part and makes sense from the studio's perspective.

What do you think? Is Cooper's departure disappointing? Could Channing Tatum succeed in a gritty  reboot of The Crow, or will nobody be able to fill Brandon Lee's shoes as the vengeful rocker Eric Draven?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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