The Crow Director Alex Proyas Says a Remake Is Unnecessary 

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Gods of Egypt has all the makings of a major flop, from reviews calling it "cheesy and visually unimpressive" to a box-office opening that is already being labeled a "big-budget bomb." Director Alex Proyas will likely take much of the blame, but the director has certainly turned in better movies in the past.

One of those movies was The Crow, an adaptation of the comic book of the same name about a man who returns from the dead to avenge his own murder. Picture a much angrier, goth version of Patrick Swayze in Ghost, only without the benefit of Whoopi Goldberg or sensual pottery making. The Crow was moderately successful, so naturally a remake has been in the works for quite some time. There is at least one person who doesn't think such a remake should happen, though: Alex Proyas.

According to Collider (via CBR), Proyas spoke on the subject during an interview to promote Gods of Egypt, and he expressed his desire for producers to leave well enough alone:

"You know, I've moved on and I just feel like it's… I personally feel like it's kind of unnecessary. I've said this many times, I've completed the original movie to honor Brandon [Lee] and that's the sole reason I did it. I'm happy I did it for that reason. I sort of feel like it's his legacy and I personally don't have a lot of time for people trying to reignite that movie in other ways. So you know, to me, this is one situation where it would be nice if Hollywood kind of left it alone and let it remain Brandon Lee's legacy. I know every few years you hear about it a remake and it never really comes to fruition."

The Crow reboot casting update

Last we heard of The Crow reboot, the filmmakers intended to start filming in early 2016. It is now early 2016, and no word has come yet about further developments. This is just one more chapter in the remake's troubled history, though, as it has faced directors jumping ship, multiple casting changes, and studio bankruptcy. Whether or not the film can overcome its various hurdles to make its way to the big screen is anyone's guess at this point, and whether or not it will be any good if it does is even more unknown.

With R-rated superhero movies back in vogue after the success of Deadpool, leading to renewed interest in properties like Todd McFarlane's Spawn, the timing would certainly be right for The Crow to once again rise from the dead. While it may not have Proyas's blessing, the production has already faced tremendous challenges and it seems unlikely to swayed by such comments.

Screen Rant will bring you more information on The Crow as it becomes available.

Source: Collider

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