Turn Your Friends Into 'Crazies'

Do you have friends and neighbors who you think might be Crazies? I know I do. Well, if you want to let those crazy people in your life know how you feel, we've got a way for you to send the message.

There's a new viral site out for Breck Eisner's upcoming remake of George Romero's The Crazies, which lets you take photos of your closest friends and plaster their faces all over a TV spot for the film. Best of all: you can send them video - with their face all over it - and they'll never see it coming...until it's too late.

I tried out The Crazies viral site and sent a "crazygram" (I'm coining that term here and now) to my girlfriend. She got a good laugh out of it before confirming what I already knew: that she is indeed "a crazy."

Anyway, below you'll find a portal to The Crazies viral site, which is appropriately titled "Make Your Friends Crazy." You'll also find a TV spot for the film, and new bloody clip of the main character, Sheriff Dutton (Timothy Olyphant), finding himself on the wrong side of some power tools:


I'm actually looking forward to The Crazies. In this drab time of the year for feature film releases, this has actually struck me as being a competent and chilling horror movie.

Do I mind that it's a remake of a Romero film? Not at all. As far as I'm concerned, the original Crazies is fair game for a remake. Timothy Olyphant leading the cast further inspires me confidence that this will be a good ride.

Enough talk; go turn your friends into Crazies and send them a little surprise. Let us how much you enjoy the experience.

The Crazies hits theaters on February 26, 2010.

Source: Make Your Friends Crazy

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Turn Your Friends Into 'Crazies'