Will The Covenant 2 Happen? Here's What We Know

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The original film is something of a guilty pleasure but will The Covenant 2 ever happen? The Covenant was directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2: Die Harder) and was released in 2006. Harlin moved on to the project following the release of prequel Exorcist: The Beginning, which infamously reshot the first version of the film directed by Paul Schrader (First Reformed). The Covenant is essentially the male version of The Craft, where a group of high school boys descended from witches must do battle with evil newcomer Chase, played by Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Despite being universally panned for its cheesy tone and poor script, The Covenant still proved to be something of a hit. The movie is relentlessly silly and over the top, however, which is one reason it still has a cult following. Several cast members like Stan and Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) have since gone on to become bigger names also.

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The Covenant ends with the suggestion Chase survived the final showdown and may seek revenge, but while the movie performed respectably, there has been little sign of a follow-up in the years since. Steven Strait (The Expanse) suggested in an interview prior to the movie's release The Covenant 2 was a possibility, but it's likely the studio was waiting to see how it performed first. Between the movie's theatrical run and home release sales it grossed over $60 million, but critical response to The Covenant was famously poor.

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Many compared it unfavorably to The Lost Boys and the performances of the main cast came in for criticism too. While the film performed well despite the poor reviews the studio probably decided they would be pushing their luck with The Covenant 2. Stan would stoke nostalgia for the movie in 2016 by posting a reunion picture with himself and co-stars Kitsch, Toby Hemingway and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) and joked a sequel was coming in 2034.

Since the cast has moved on to bigger and better, its doubtful The Covenant 2 would happen with the original stars attached. The first movie's legacy is that of a knowingly dumb b-movie that played off the hunkiness of its cast, with most viewers forgetting about it the moment they left the theater. Neither Kitsch or Stan would likely be interested in reuniting for a follow-up, and the best fans can hope for is either a big-screen reboot or straight to DVD sequel at this stage.

Given that little has been heard about The Covenant 2 since 2006, the studio has almost certainly moved on from the property, making a sequel a dim possibility.

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