'The Counselor' UK Trailer Reveals More Story & Character Details

A new UK trailer for 'The Counselor' reveals more of the story and character details of Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy's crime drama movie.


The Counselor Trailer (UK)

So far, the marketing and promotion for The Counselor has been all about selling the talent of director Ridley Scott (Prometheus), the screenwriting debut of acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men) and a cast that includes no less than Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt, to name a few. However, the latest UK trailer for The Counselor skips the vague and ominous implications of the first UK teaser and recent domestic trailer, instead breaking down the story and characters of the film in (perhaps too much) detail. - BE WARNED: THIS TRAILER SHOWS A LOT OF THE MOVIE. 

As yet another pause in McCarthy's long rumination on the savagery that exists inside of man (savagery that helped shaped the southwest region of the United States, where many of the author's novels - and this film - take place), The Counselor sees Michael Fassbender as a lawyer who decides to "take a dip" in the drug trafficking world. It's a seeming one-time deal that will secure the financial future of him and his unwitting fiancee (Cruz) - except when it goes horribly wrong, the counselor finds that the darkness he's touched can grab hold of a man and never let go again.

As stated, previous trailers have mostly focused on setting an ominous and atmospheric tone for what it is surely going to be a very dark and violent exploration of morality; meanwhile, clips from the film have highlighted McCarthy's celebrated prose by presenting scenes of Tarantino-esque dialogue between the principal characters played by Fassbender, Bardem, Pitt, Cruz and Diaz.


This latest trailer - with its pop music soundtrack - is presenting the film as a much more traditional crime thriller, trying to make extended use out of what actually looks to be just two major action sequences: the truck hijack, and a meeting/showdown between Bardem's character and (presumably) the cartel whose money was stolen. The rest seems to be the aforementioned dialogue scenes that will explore man's morality when he's taken out of the civilized world and forced into the savagery of jungle law (did you get that from all the cheetah motifs?).

Personally, as a longtime fan of McCarthy, I'm all for a good allegorical deconstruction of man and society. I'm just saying: if you're going in expecting a tense, crime drama thrill-ride... you may need to realign your perceptions away from what this particular trailer is selling.

Finally, there is the now-standard question: did this trailer reveal too much of the movie?


The Counselor will be in theaters on October 25th in the US and November 15th in the UK.

Source: Fox UK

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