The Conjuring is a movie that I personally predicted would be the horror movie hit of 2013, ever since I saw the first sizzle reel for the film premiere at New York Comic-Con 2012. Saw and Insidious director James Wan is making a ghost movie that pays homage to the era of ’70s and ’80s horror flicks, with a “based on a true story” tale of a family being terrorized by a poltergeist, and the ghost hunters who arrive to help them.

Starring Patrick Wilson (Insidious) and Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren – with Ron Livingston (Office Space) and Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under) as the haunted couple – The Conjuring has been building a steady buzz since the initial teaser trailer dropped, and this full trailer for the film conveys a good sense of why.

Word is out that the MPAA found The Conjuring so disturbing that they’ve slapped the movie with an “R” rating, simply because it’s too scary. That’s right: not because it has gore, or blood, or nudity, but because it causes too much fright. While that anecdote will be scoffed at by those who don’t care for Wan’s work in films like Insidious (which also has a Wan-directed sequel coming this summer), it nonetheless supports the idea that The Conjuring is a the very least a pretty enjoyable horror movie experience.

That this early praise is being heaped upon a period piece horror flick is even more surprising. Wan clearly employs a mix of both new and old-school filmmaking techniques to achieve the kind of scares seen in much of that trailer – and the results are quite effective. The film’s storyline – featuring multiple malevolent spirits and a medium (Farmiga) who can see them – also leaves room for some great tension and scares to be sustained throughout the movie – as opposed to the slow build to minimal payoff approach, seen in films like Paranormal Activity.



The Conjuring will be in theaters on July 19, 2013.

Source: WB UK 

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