First Look: 'The Collector'

The Collector is an upcoming horror-thriller from first-time director Marcus Dunstan, best known as the co-writer of Feast, and Saw IV, V and VI. It follows an ex-con who plans a heist at his new employer's country home, only to discover the place has already been claimed by another, far worse criminal, who has set up a maze of lethal traps within the house.

Since we haven't covered The Collector here at Screen Rant as of yet, we thought you'd like a taste of the movie. Courtesy of IGN, we have the first (red band) trailer for the film, along with a few posters and a neat promo image. Check out all of it below:

The trailer for The Collector is relatively short but effective enough in giving an overall feel for the movie. Personally I don't see why it's been labeled as a red band trailer - save for some shots of blood, there's nothing that extreme about it. See what you think:

OK, so maybe the premise isn't WORLDS away from Saw, but at least there's no Jigsaw in the mix...

Here are the promo posters/images for The Collector (click on any one of them for a larger size):






Although the overall premise for The Collector is a little too similar to the world of the Saw movies, I still dig the hook of an ex-con planning to do something bad, only to discover someone worse is waiting in the shadows. I think it's a great premise that has a lot of potential to raise some interesting moral questions about the nature of evil.

Do you like the look of The Collector? What do you make of the red band trailer?

The Collectors hits theaters on July 31st, 2009.

Sources: IGN (special thanks: Bloody-Disgusting)

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