'The Cape' TV Spots Show Off Villains & Sidekick Summer Glau

NBC "The Cape" Summer Glau

NBC is starting their latest promotional campaign for The Cape's two-hour pilot in January, and a pair of 30-second promos have been making the rounds on the network. The first shows off the titular character's backup/sidekick played by Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and the second gives us a look at three of the series' antagonists.

We haven't had a good look at the show's villains before, and some are actually pretty compelling. "Scales," a criminal boss with some serious complexion issues, is played by Vinnie Jones. Jones is certainly familiar with bad-guy roles from working in movies like Snatch and Swordfish, but most will know him as The Juggernaut from X-Men: The Last Stand. Crazy-eyed "Chess," played by James Frain (True Blood and the upcoming Tron: Legacy), was the one who orchestrated the hero's fall from grace and inspired his crime-fighting persona. Blade aficionado "Cain" also make an appearance in the spot, but little is known about the character at present.

Check out the two promos below:


The Cape is looking to be a lot better than I originally thought. When NBC showed off the teaser trailer last month, I though the show looked pretty cheesy. The updated footage looks... well, it's still cheesy, but there seems to be a lot more self-aware fun going on. Casting Glau and David was smart, since they're already well-established in the target market. And while the villains certainly have a Dick Tracy freak-of-the-week vibe, they seem menacing and interesting enough to hold viewers' attention. It looks like a much more action-oriented affair than ABC's No Ordinary Family, where light-hearted family drama and superpower special effects are the order of the day.

NBC: "The Cape" - Circus Criminals

After the disappointment of the last three seasons of Heroes, and with Smallville wrapping up its ten season run,  The Cape seems ideally placed to win a few fans who are still hungry for superhero action.


The Cape premieres January 9th, on NBC.

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