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NBC's masked vigilante The Cape is preparing for his public debut. To drum up interest and tide over impatient would-be fans, the network has posted three sneak peeks and a short interview with the mysterious hero himself, David Lyons (ER), along with Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), who'll be playing blogger sidekick Orwell.

The clips don't really tell us anything we don't already know: Vince Faraday is a cop wrongly accused and on the run who adopts the mantle of his son's comic book hero to punish those responsible. He's trained by well-meaning if shady circus folk (prolific voice actor Kieth David and Martin Klebba) in the martial arts fighting style of... the cape. He teams up with underground blogger-journalist Orwell to take on corruption in the fictional Palm City.

The interview video gives us a brief behind-the-scenes look at The Cape's production, as Lyons and Glau discuss the characters' motivations. It looks like the series will be using practical effects in place of CGI wherever possible, a move that will please those weary of greenscreen effects on shows like V and No Ordinary Family. It makes a lot more sense given The Cape's more terrestrial origins - and seeing some of the early looks at what computer effects are present, it's a very good choice on the part of the production team.

The preview clips are short but sweet: the first shows The Cape beating up a shotgun-equipped robber in a junk shop. The second shows our hero's first encounter with Orwell, in which she immediately tries to taze him. In a short clip reminiscent of training scenes from The Mask of Zorro and Batman Begins, we see Max Malini (Kieth David) demonstrate the offensive capabilities of the hero's sartorial accessory.


The more I see of The Cape, the more promising it looks. To call The Cape campy is an understatement, but it doesn't seem to be taking itself too seriously - which is a trap that certain shows have fallen into before. In each of the three clips we can see the characters poke fun at the odd situations: Orwell takes an easy "superheros in pajamas" jab, the shop owner implies that The Cape's ominous moniker needs work, and even Max Malini isn't above a few pokes at Faraday's expense. If the writers can keep the characters fun and the action sequences entertaining, this may become a sleeper hit.

The Cape premieres on NBC Sunday night at 9:00 with a two hour pilot. The following week the show will take a regular Monday night slot at the same time.

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