'The Cape' Gets Defeated: Series Finale Cut; Will Air Online

NBC's The Cape Review & Discussion

Well, it was... interesting while it lasted. NBC has announced that the final episode of its original superhero series The Cape will not be broadcast, instead opting to show it online later this month.

The Cape has been plagued with mediocre ratings ever since its premiere in January. While the two-hour pilot received a decent 8.5 million viewers, the show captured fewer and fewer eyeballs with every passing week. NBC cut the 13-episode order down to ten last month, and this week's episode, "Razer," secured 4.1 million viewers with just 1.1 million in the 18-49 demographic. NBC will air new episodes of The Event in The Cape's regular slot starting next Monday.

NBC didn't reveal any other information about the de-facto finale, except that it would appear on the network's website sometime in March. Expect the episode to hit Hulu at the same time - or shortly thereafter.

While The Cape showed a lot of promise, the poor production value and eclectic writing left viewers unimpressed. The show tended to take itself too seriously, while unintentionally reveling in its own campy characters and dialogue. The Cape was at its best when it embraced the ridiculous and fun nature of its golden age comic book inspiration, and at its worst when it got bogged down in Vince Faraday's family melodrama.

David Lyons' masked vigilante was the weakest part of the show, perhaps owing to the fact that the character was supposed to be a generic everyman. The Cape left viewers craving more screen time from the much more interesting second-tier characters like Summer Glau's mysterious hacker/blogger Orwell or James Frain's appreciably lunatic Chess. The high point of the show, as far as I'm concerned, was Kieth David as carny/cat burglar Max Malini and his dwarf associate Rollo (Martin Kleba) . The pair stole the show whenever they appeared on screen - which wasn't nearly often enough.

NBC "The Cape" Summer Glau

But even The Cape has its die-hard supporters. Fans have started a petition entitled "SAVE THE CAPE' on NBC's official forums... with just over five hundred digital signatures. Oh well - there's always NBC's upcoming Wonder Woman adaptation to look forward to. The new David E. Kelley production will arrive in the fall of 2011 or spring 2012.


The Cape series finale will be available online in March

Source: TV Line

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