SR Pick [Video]: 'The American' Spoof: 'The Canadian'

the american spoof the canadian david rynn

A couple of months ago we posted a video by ex-Screen Ranter Scott Miller and his comedy partner David Rynn, in which a girlfriend (Miller) tries to convince her boyfriend (Rynn) to see Eat, Pray, Love rather than Predators. You guys were pretty amused by the spoof.

Today we are proud to present another comedic offering, this time starring David Rynn in a spoof of the George Clooney assassin flick The American, humorously titled The Canadian.

If you saw The American (read our review HERE) then you know that the movie - in which Clooney plays an assassin hiding out in a remote Italian village - was more about the aesthetic of European cinema than the kinetic action of American cinema. Translation: a lot of people thought it was boring.

Well, a film about an American assassin living abroad carries its own connotation - but I don't think any of us are really sure what the life of a Canadian assassin is all aboot. Luckily, someone has made a movie to explain it to us:


Hockey Skates, Canadian Whiskey, Tim Hortons - no Canadian stereotype is off limits here!

While our own resident Canadian Rob Keyes may want to have words with Mr. Rynn, I think that this video is pretty hilarious. It certainly has about 1,000% more laughs than you will ever get from the actual film, The American,  just proving that Canada may be pulling ahead of us in the race for world comedic supremacy. God help us all.

If you like The Canadian be sure to check out more work by David Rynn and our own Scott Miller over at their Official Website.


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