SR Pick [Video]: The Brocial Network

'The Brocial Network' is Atomic Productions' latest movie parody, which pokes fun at 'The Social Network' trailer.

Sometimes it feels like everybody has made a parody or mashup of famous movies - even we've taken a stab at it with the Toy Story 3: Inception trailer. But a group of "bros" at Atomic Productions put together the most impressive trailer remake we've seen in quite some time. An ode to The Social Network's trailer, the group made a hilarious parody of college life as they see it with The Brocial Network.

In this parody, the filmmakers put maximum effort into properly re-creating the atmosphere and tone of The Social Network. Only this time it is set at the University of Texas and deals with...less impressive students.

The quality of The Brocial Network blows a lot of other parodies out of the water, but it isn't perfect. It could use some trimming at times - which may (or may not) hinder it from becoming the next massive viral sensation. It does deserve your attention as movie fans and their efforts did not go unnoticed.

Watch the hilarious video below. WARNING: Some NSFW language.


The parody is extremely well done, apart from a weak ending. The Brocial Network commits itself entirely to set design, wardrobe and color tones to make it feel like an authentic replica of the The Social Network trailer.

If you like their work, there is actually another movie parody that went live months ago. It turns the intensity of Inception's trailer into an original action film about abusing alcohol. Let's just say these men are not exactly the most ethical filmmakers, but they know how to make us laugh.

Source: YouTube

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