David S. Goyer to Direct Sci-Fi Adaptation 'The Breach'

David S. Goyer signs 3-year deal with Warner Bros.

David S. Goyer may be (unofficially) serving as the architect of the budding DC shared cinematic universe, but just because the filmmaker - who cowrote the upcoming Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman movie and has been rumored for some time to work on Justice League whenever (if ever?) it actually happens - has a long history of working in the comic book/superhero genre, that doesn't mean he's taking a break from exploring other genres in the foreseeable future.

For a year (or so) now, Goyer has been slated to produce The Breach, an adaptation of the 2009 sci-fi novel written by Patrick Lee and the first installment in a book trilogy (rounded out by Ghost Country and Deep Sky). According to the latest reports, Goyer's behind the scene responsibilities also now include directing, with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers: Age of Extinction) likewise backing the Lionsgate project.

His screenwriting experience aside, there's no indication in a new THR article that Goyer intends to co-write The Breach in addition to taking the helm; instead, screenwriter Justin Rhodes (Grassroots) is on his own with adapting the original book by Lee, which blends sci-fi, adventure and thriller elements to weave a tale that includes "a beautiful survivor, assassins, a secret organization, alien technology and an end-of-the-world scenario."

David Goyer Producing The Breach

A film based on The Breach sounds intriguing, though Goyer - as a director - has a disappointing track record, when it comes to high-concept genre fare (The Invisible, The Unborn) and his work on TV has also failed to win much critical acclaim (see: Da Vinci's Demons). On the other hand, Goyer's usually best in collaborative mode, which shall be the case with The Breach - since he won't have a hand in the script-writing - so maybe the final outcome will be all the better for it.

With Oscar-winner Chris Terrio (Argo) currently revising the Batman vs. Superman script ahead of production getting started, that could free up Goyer to move ahead with The Breach sooner, rather than later. Meanwhile, the waiting game continues, when it comes to learning just what WB/DC's got planned to follow the Man of Steel sequel. (Will it be shot back-to-back with Justice League? As far as the public is concerned, any guess is fair game at this point...)


We'll keep you posted on The Breach's development as more information is made available.

Source: THR

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