The Brand New Dark Knight Trailer Is Here!

All righty then... the new Harvey Dent-centric trailer that we all expected to see on Monday is available to you right here today.

The viral campaign for this is quite interesting. It's more than the "Easter egg hunt" that was Cloverfield - this one has been designed to actually give us some insight into the mind of the Joker. The latest example, where everyone thought the trailer would premiere almost a week ago shows what an obnoxious character he really is, not caring about jerking around the fanbase for the film.

Or am I reading too much into this? :-)

Anyway, check out the latest trailer for The Dark Knight below.

This trailer really hints at the complexity of the relationships in the film - While Iron Man was a rockin' good time, The Dark Knight will be excellent on a whole different level, I think. Now that it comes to mind... I wonder if the very dark tone of the movie will impact it's box office negatively?

The Dark Knight opens on July 18th.

For a larger version head over to WhySoSerious.

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