The Boys Final Trailer: Amazon’s Superheroes Are Downright Diabolical

Dominque McElligott and Antony Starr in The Boys Amazon

Amazon’s The Boys has almost landed on the streaming service, but before it does, there’s one last trailer to entice those who may have been on the fence about watching. The Boys is certainly one of the more anticipated new series hitting Amazon Prime Video in 2019. An adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book of the same name, the story imagines a world where a single giant corporation controls all the superheroes, and makes damn sure every facet of the average person’s life is dedicated to the kind of hero worship that keeps the supes in business. 

If that sounds a bit like how the Hollywood blockbuster machine runs right now, well, that’s part of the show’s appeal. Another part is that The Boys is executive produced and showrun by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, along with producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, both of whom brought Preacher, another of Ennis’s creations, to TV just a few years ago. Add to that the casting of Karl Urban as Butcher and Jack Quaid as Hughie, and The Boys is easily shaping up to be one of the more entertaining new shows of the summer, .

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As such, it’s no surprise that Amazon’s marketing team is eager to engage in one last push before the first season is available to stream. However, those looking forward to seeing the series, should be warned that there are some graphic spoilers on display here, primarily to set up the connection between Hughie and Butcher. Check out the final trailer for The Boys below: 

It’s easy to understand why Amazon would want to show so much ahead of the series’ premiere. The graphic nature of the content — both the extremely bloody violence and the language — might be enough to convince some that this is a superhero show like no other. That was more or less clear from the get-go, but sometimes a little extra (or explicit) push is necessary in order to get the point across as plainly as possible. And if seeing someone vaporized into a red mist by a super speedster is the kind of thing that get’s people interested, well, more power to the final trailer. 

In all, The Boys is shaping up to be one of Amazon’s biggest new series in 2019. The streamer also seems to have quite a lot of confidence in Kripke’s adaptation, as season 2 was already been green-lit, a week before the official series premiere. It’s a far cry from Amazon’s other, recently canceled superhero show, The Tick, but when competing for audiences’ attention in a superhero-saturated world, sometimes being explicit is the best option. 

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The Boys season 1 will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime beginning Friday, July 26.

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