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The Boys

A lot can be said about Seth Rogen and his long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg. When the two first made it big with their original screenplay, it was with 2007’s teen comedy hit Superbad – a film the duo began writing when they were only 13 years old. Since that time they’ve proven themselves to be capable of turning out memorable comedies.

Most recently, the pair have had their sights set towards television and the somewhat challenging task of adapting Garth Ennis’ Preacher comic book series. As of this writing, it’s still early days for the AMC series but reactions so far have been positive – so much so that both Rogen and Goldberg appear to be looking forward to yet another hefty adaptation challenge.

During a recent press conference attended by THR, Rogen revealed that his and Goldberg’s interest had been piqued with another comic book series by Preacher author Garth Ennis, The Boys. This time around however, it won’t be an AMC project – instead, they’ll be setting the series up at Cinemax. Rogen reflected on this new turn of events and the challenges it offers by saying:

"We're in a similar place with it now where we were with Preacher. Now that we've convinced everyone to let us adapt this into a show, what are we actually going to do?"

Joseph Gilgun Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Preacher

The Boys tells the story of a government backed task force that uses any means necessary to take down any and all superheroes who have lost their heroic bent. In the world of The Boys, superheroes are no longer the respectable and reliable allies of the people, but rather perverse and psychotic deviants who need to be stopped. These not-so-super heroes bear just enough of a resemblance to more well known superheroes, without actually using the names or real likenesses of said characters. At one point in time, the ability of audiences to recognize which comic book was being aped could have been a concern for a TV series like The Boys, but now, according to Garth Ennis:

"Ten years ago, if you introduced The Boys to a mainstream audience, they would've been mystified, they would be able to identify roughly who was standing in for Batman, Superman, the Hulk, probably Spider-Man and Captain America. Not beyond that. Now, 10 years on, with the success of the various franchises, mainstream audiences have been educated in the world of superheroes. So when an Iron Man-esque guy pops up, they'll know who that is. That's going to be simpler."

There is of course, initial concerns that the production quality of the TV series will need to match that of a superhero film in order to make the world The Boys inhabit credible. But given how many other superhero TV series’ currently rule television, that shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Rogen and Goldberg -- especially since, as Rogen stated, the idea of doing something in the traditional world of superheroes has always been "very appealing" to them.

At present there isn’t any information on when to expect the series – or even who will be cast in the numerous roles it offers (though Simon Pegg’s name has already been thrown somewhat improbably into the mix), but if Preacher’s first season goes over as well as many feel it will, The Boys could be hot on its heels.

Screen Rant will continue to keep you up to date on all the latest news for The Boys.

Source: THR

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