The Big Bang Theory: 20 Pictures The Cast Doesn't Want You To See

Big Bang Theory Cast Picture

The Big Bang Theory has, year after year, been one of the most popular television shows on TV. At its prime, it had over 20 million viewers, which is the reason why the show has been renewed for two more seasons.

Throughout its long ten-season history, though, the show and cast have experienced ups and downs, many of which have all been captured through the lenses of cameras. This article will try to expose some of these photos.

The list will not only focus on embarrassing or controversial photos, but will also include pictures that directly contradict the characters that each actor plays on television. These photos are not so much embarrassing, but do distract from the character that each actor worked hard to build.

It is harder for us to envision Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Rostenkowski after seeing Instagram pictures of her drunk in a bar or posing for sexy photo shoots. The same goes for the extremely personable pictures of Jim Parsons, who plays the antisocial Sheldon Cooper. Therefore, these “out-of-character photos” are trickled in amongst the controversial and slightly embarrassing ones in this list.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so get ready for 20,000 words to describe the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Here are the 20 Pictures The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Doesn't Want You To See.

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20 Jim Dressed in Drag

The cast of The Big Bang Theory makes it a point to give each other shout-outs on their birthday. This shout-out from Kaley Cuoco to Jim Parsons included an interesting picture. In the top right corner of this collage, you’ll notice Cuoco standing next to Jim Parsons dressed in drag.

Apparently, the entire cast are fans of the classic movie Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, and Johnny Galecki got together to dress up as some of the characters and perform “The Time Warp” in March 2013.

As clear from the photo, Jim doned a wig, a red boa, and even fishnets to play Dr. Drank N. Furter. Although the performance was part of a noble charity event for the Alzheimer’s Association, the cruel internet has sometimes taken the photo out of context.

For most of us, though, the picture just further emphasizes how awesome Jim Parsons really is.

19 Mayim Beatboxing

Many of us recognize Mayim Bialik in the middle image as the title character Blossom from her NBC show. However, did you know that Bialik was also in a McDonald’s commercial as a kid?

The commercial, called Mouth Music, aired during the 1980s and featured a group of kids beatboxing while enjoy some McDonalds. If you watch the video, the girl with the extremely high ponytail and striped shirt is little Bialik. Her character from the commercial is also pictured on the left of the image above.

Didn’t know Amy Farrah Fowler could beatbox, did you? She’s not too shabby at it, either.

Bialik has come a long way from doing McDonald’s ads to starring in one of the most popular shows on television. It’s actually hard to even recognize her in this video compared to her roles as Blossom and Amy.

18 Johnny's Sparkling Snapchat Photo

At the end of Coachella last year, Alex Ayers, a writing assistant for The Big Bang Theory, posted a hilarious picture of Johnny Galecki with the caption, “@sanctionedjohnnygalecki has seemed different since his weekend at Coachella.”

The photo is taken using a Snapchat filter and therefore adds virtual rhinestones to Galecki's eyes and a luscious pink shade to his lips. Galecki's pose also makes the photo golden. He took his glasses off, closed his eyes, and brought out the epic duckface lips to portray his version of a Coachella selfie.

Although the picture is entirely made through a Snapchat filter, the photo really makes you believe that he just walked out of Coachella and onto the set of The Big Bang Theory.

Shine bright like a diamond, Galecki.

17 Kunal as an Old Man, Baby, and Woman

For your birthday, @kunalkarmanayyar You can thank me later...

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons) on

Let’s face it – none of us want to see what we look like when we’re old and neither would Kunal Nayyar, the actor who plays Rajesh (Raj) Koothrappali. However, he was forced to see this transformation.

A couple months ago, Jim Parsons discovered FaceApp and went on a hilarious rampage, posting transformations of his Big Bang Theory cast members. One of the cast members he transformed was Kunal Nayyar.

For Kunal’s birthday, Parsons posted a picture reminding him what he possibly looked like a child, what he will look like as an old man, and what he would look like if he were a woman. Poor Kunal...

It’s okay though, because Parsons was nice enough to post the same transformation images of himself. Laugh at yourself before anyone else can, right?

16 Kaley and Johnny's Secret Romance

These pictures are included because of the great lengths that the couple went to hide their relationship. They definitely would not have wanted pictures like this to come out when they were secretly dating.

Like Leonard and Penny, the actors who play them also dated in real life. In 2010, Kaley Cuoco told CBS Watch that she and Johnny had dated for almost two years but kept it a secret from the world and even their Big Bang Theory co-stars.

According to Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, they kept their relationship a secret because they were being protective of the show and didn’t want anything to distract from the on-screen story of Penny and Leonard.

However, it was this secrecy that ultimately ended their relationship. On the topic of their breakup, Cuoco said “everyone was always asking and we deny-deny-denied … And I’m like, ‘why am I denying this person that I love?’”

The couple are still extremely close and the pictures above were actually taken years after their breakup. “She’s not an ex, she’s a part of my life,” said Galecki to CBS Watch! Magazine.

Their closeness, however, continues to circulate rumors that the two are still together.

15 Johnny Won't Pay for Laundry

I am far from cheap, but $5 per pair of socks through hotel laundry is downright offensive.

A post shared by Johnny Galecki (@sanctionedjohnnygalecki) on

We’ve all been there – either there’s no laundry room in the hotel, the machines are full, or it’s just downright expensive. However, who would’ve thought that one of the cast members of The Big Bang Theory would have the same issue?

Johnny Galecki earns about $900,000 an episode, or $20 million a season for playing Leonard Hofstadter. This makes him one of the highest paid television actors in Hollywood. However, even with all that money, Galecki will not stoop to the level of paying for hotel laundry.

In January 2015, he took a stand against overpriced hotel laundry and posted a photo of his socks in the hotel bathtub with the caption “...$5 per pair of socks is downright offensive.”

Guess Galecki is just like the rest of us – too cheap to pay for hotel laundry when we have a perfectly good bathtub to wash our socks in.

14 Kaley and Melissa Holding Their Golden Globes

Holding our golden globes at the golden globes :) @melrauch

A post shared by @ normancook on

At Golden Globes After Party in January 2014, things got a little… interesting.

The Big Bang Theory was nominated at the 2014 Golden Globes and was the favorite show to win Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy. However, the cast were sadly beat out by Fox’s Brooklyn 99. This didn’t stop the cast from enjoying the event and partying on at the Golden Globes After Party, though.

The entire cast dressed to impress and seemed to have loads of fun. As evident from Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram description, they didn’t win a Golden Globe, but the girls still got to hold their Golden Globes for a picture.

This photo is totally different from the character that Melissa Rauch plays in the television series. If only Bernadette’s father could see her now. She’s grown a lot from the corky Cheesecake Factory waitress from the television show.

13 Pikachu Sitting in Sheldon's Iconic Seat

You have GOT to be kidding...

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons) on

Sheldon’s seat has become an iconic staple for many jokes throughout the series. Any Big Bang Theory fan knows just how important the spot is to Sheldon, and how he doesn’t let anyone else sit in this chair.

This all changed, though, when Pokemon Go was released. Move over Sheldon, there’s a new king on the throne.

On August 22nd 2016, Pikachu was spotted sitting in Sheldon’s chair. Jim Parsons, the actor who plays Sheldon, snapped an image of it and posted it on his Instagram profile. The description he attached with the post said, “you have GOT to be kidding…”-- which many of us can imagine Sheldon saying.

Parsons should have caught Pikachu before anyone else had a chance to noticed that his seat had been taken over.

12 Jim Parsons Dancing at a Wedding

Jim Parsons is the perfect actor to play the role of Sheldon. He makes Sheldon’s character highly believable and manages to really bring him to life. That’s why it’s surprising to see photos of Parsons completely out of character.

This photo, which was originally taken in 2004 and recently uploaded by Parsons, shows him jovial and enthusiastically dancing at a wedding. His on-screen character, Sheldon would never be comfortable dancing in such a way, and therefore the image makes us pause for a moment.

According to Parsons, as a person he is pretty different from Sheldon in real life. Although Parsons and Sheldon are both from Texas, Parsons says he is “quite the opposite of unapproachable.” However, sometimes the strict image of Sheldon is hard to change and he feels as though the fans that he meets are uncertain about how approachable he is.

Sometimes it can be hard to be who you truly are and play a character so different from you without ruining the character’s image. This is a big challenge for Parsons, especially with pictures that depict their clear differences.

11 Simon's Fly

The cast of The Big Bang Theory have fewer secrets compared to other shows that have been running for just as long. However, according to Simon Helberg, the actor who portrays Howard Wolowitz, the biggest secret on the set is the mystery of his open fly.

In an interview with Kevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight, the cast was asked about the biggest secrets on set. While Melissa Rauch responded with a joke about calling HR, Helberg told the audience and his cast members that, for some reason, his fly is always undone.

He said, “As [Frazier] was talking, I checked myself and my fly is undone and it has been this whole time. So that’s my secret. My fly is always undone… It’s the most exciting part of me. Why cover it up?

We don’t blame you Helberg, it must be a struggle just getting into Howard’s tight, colorful pants.

10 Kaley's Dog Troubles

Over the past couple of years, Kaley Cuoco has gotten into trouble for some of her Instagram posts regarding her lovable dog Norman.

In December 2015, three months after she filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting, the Big Bang Theory star indulged in some post-divorce drinks. She got drunk and posted an Instagram video where she used a grill lighter to “knight” Norman. Cuoco admitted that she doesn’t remember posting the video, but PETA sure remembers.

In July 2016, Cuoco showed her patriotism through multiple Fourth of July posts. However, one with her pups sitting on an American flag did not go over well with the public. Instagrammers were shocked and appalled, leaving comments saying that the picture was unpatriotic and that she needed to burn the flag immediately.

Cuoco issued a public apology via Instagram two days later and added “I sincerely apologize to anyone that has been offended by my previous post… I am not perfect. I am a proud American, today, tomorrow, always.”

9 Mayim's Tooth Surgery

What’s typically the worst picture you’ll ever take in your life? It's usually the one you take right after visiting the dentist once you get teeth pulled. These photos typically make you look like a chipmunk or like one side of your face is melting.

Despite all of the negativity around selfies after the dentist, this is exactly what Mayim Bialik did. She took a selfie sporting her hot pink ice pack and bright blue glasses. By looking at the photo, it shows that the dentist selfie does not discriminate – even for celebrities. The half of Bialik’s face is swollen and drooping, and we can all feel her pain.

The caption she posted reads “when you have a tooth pulled and have to wear this dumb ice pack thing but your kids decorate it and sign it. Makes it better.” At least Mayim has some great kids to help her through the pain.

8 Johnny's Former Romance

Happy Birthday to my first wife, #saragilbert

A post shared by Johnny Galecki (@sanctionedjohnnygalecki) on

Before Johnny Galecki was cast as Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory, he was David Healy in the ABC sitcom Roseanne. He starred alongside his co-star and on-screen wife, Sara Gilbert who played Darlene Conner. However, their romance was not only portrayed on the television screen.

The two actors dated for a while until Gilbert had a revelation. According to her, she found out that she was gay while dating Galecki. She said “… he would come over and we would, like, make out, and then I would start to get depressed.”  When her actions started offending Galecki personally, she told him about her sexuality and he was extremely understanding and even agreed to keep it a secret.

This, however, isn’t the reason why the photo makes the list. Galecki was really sweet about everything and is still close to Sara to this day. The reason why this photo makes the list is because Galecki apparently has a thing for dating his on-screen romances. First Gilbert, then Cuoco. Who’s next?

7 Kaley's Marriage Tattoo Cover Up

In December 2013, Kaley Cuoco married tennis player Ryan Sweeting. From Instagram pictures and photos of them at events, they really seemed to be the perfect couple. However, their marriage was short-lived.

After just 21 months, Cuoco called it quits and divorced Sweeting due to what she called "irreconcilable differences." However, many sources since have cited that the real reason of the divorce was because Sweeting refused to overcome an addiction to painkillers.

Although Cuoco started to move on, she had one lingering item that connected her to her previous marriage: a tattoo. She had three rows of roman numerals on her neck that signified the couple’s 2013 New Year’s Eve nuptials.

In November 2015, she visited a tattoo artist to help her write her wrongs. She posted a photo of the tattoo, calling it a mistake and wrote “note to self – do not mark your body with any future wedding dates.”

She replaced the roman numerals with a butterfly and admitted that the new design has no meaning. According to Cuoco, “The deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink is…. It covered the last one.

6 Kunal Playing a Terrorist

Kunal Nayyar is an inspiration for many groups of people that aren’t typically represented in television and film. Before landing the role on The Big Bang Theory, Kunal says that he couldn't even think of a show that had an Indian character on it.

However, after the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, there has been an increase of Indians and other South Asians in the spotlight through shows such as The Mindy Project.

Kunal says that he would like to fight against Hollywood typecasting and further broaden the type of roles available to actors of Indian descent. His goal is to one day see Indian men cast for the role of the American heartthrob and lead.

The pursuit of this goal is why this picture is on the list. Kunal’s first on-screen role was as a terrorist in the television series CSI. Although he loved playing the part, it’s a role that contributes to typecasting and is definitely a stereotype and image he would like eradicated from Hollywood.

5 Drunk Kaley and Melissa

This is how me and @MelissaRauch do things

A post shared by @ normancook on

When Melissa Rauch and Kaley Cuoco get together after work, it seems to always be a good night.

One of these nights happened in April 2013. The two women went out with some other co-workers to celebrate Kunal Nayyar’s wife’s birthday and things got a little wild, as is evident from Cuoco's Instagram post. According to Cuoco, all she remembers about the night is “dancing on tables to Macklemore while eating cookies.” Sounds like a good night, right?

Well, Cuoco posted a couple of images on Instagram to commemorate the night including a picture of herself, Kunal's wife, and this picture of her and Rauch. The two are potentially drunk and chilling out on the couch while the caption reads, “this is how me and @MelissaRauch do things”.

The caption says it all.

4 Johnny Fell Asleep First

Never be the first guy to fall asleep. #sharpiepermanentmarker photo cred: ???

A post shared by Johnny Galecki (@sanctionedjohnnygalecki) on

When we were little we learned that you can never be the first person to fall asleep at a party or a sleepover. Otherwise, you tend to wake up with a horrible surprise – wet beds, frozen bras, or amazing artwork on your face.

Apparently, Johnny Galecki had a personal encounter with the “don’t be the first to fall asleep” rule. According to his Instragram, he was the first one to fall asleep at a party and had to suffer the consequences. What he woke up to was quite scary...

He posted a picture on Instagram of what is assumed to be him covered in sharpie drawings. His eyelids are drawn to look like eyes, he has cat whiskers, and even a whole suit and tie drawn entirely out of sharpie. Someone must be an incredibly deep sleeper.

The picture looks extremely lifeless and creepy. Galecki also doesn’t specifically say it’s him under all the sharpie, but it does look like him and is assumed to be him by his followers.

3 Melissa's Out-of-Character Photo Shoot

When you think of Bernadette you think of the sweet-- yet loud and demanding-- woman who absolutely loves her husband Howie. She’s nerdy, corky, and, most of all, fierce. However, one word that doesn’t necessarily come to mind is "sexy." The pictures from Melissa Rauch’s photoshoot change this, however.

In October 2015, Rauch did a photoshoot with The Stndrd Magazine that featured her in multiple fun outfits with flirty and fun poses. One photo in particular shows her in a classic black and white polka dot dress. However, the dress is hiked up and you can see Melissa’s bright pink underwear for a flirty shot.

There are many other provocative shots of Rauch floating around the Internet and in different magazines. However, once you see them, you’ll never look at Bernadette the same.

2 The Banned Scene

This picture isn’t necessarily one that the cast doesn’t want seen, but rather a picture that an entire network doesn’t want seen.

Everyone’s favorite couple got naughty for one episode during season 10 of The Big Bang Theory. In the episode, Sheldon has a nightmare where Penny and Leonard turn his room into a sex dungeon.

The two-- as seen by Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram picture-- are depicting a bondage scene. Cuoco is wearing a revealing, bright red corset which, according to her, took 15 minutes to get on, while co-star Johnny Galecki is wearing leather chaps and has a “toy” in his hand. You can even see his iconic glasses tucked in one of his straps.

Although the show aired in the United States on November 3rd 2016, it was deemed “too hot” for viewers in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it was banned and removed from air.

1 Kaley's Nose Surgery

In December 2014, Kaley Cuoco posted pictures of her recovering from a surgery that she described as a sinus surgery. Many fans were quick to call her out and label it a nose job; however, they caught onto the wrong coverup.

About a month after she posted her pictures, Cuoco went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and told the talk show host that she was forced to undergo the sinus surgery because of an addiction to nasal spray.

She began to talk in detail about her addiction saying, “at award shows I would have to pick out the right clutch to be able to fit my Afrin in it. And I’d be under the table like… snorting it.” The snorting eventually ruined her sinuses and she had to get it fixed.

Cuoco poked fun at the people who claimed that she got a nose job, posting a funny picture of a fake nose with the caption “Ok. You all got me.”

However, Cuoco revealed later that she did indeed have a nose job. It was just years prior to this whole fiasco.


Have you seen any other embarrassing, out-of-character, or controversial photos of The Big Bang Theory cast? Let us know in the comments!

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