5 Of The Best Relationships On Orange Is The New Black (And 5 Of The Worst)


Orange Is the New Black is an incredible series for several reasons. For one, the characters on the show are brilliantly written. Even better, we get to see all of these unique personalities trapped behind bars together while forced to interact with one another for years to come.

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When putting a bunch of strong personalities in one room, it is bound to create some interesting dynamics and relationships that we sometimes adore (and sometimes loathe). The relationships on Orange Is the New Black are so charmingly odd that we often find ourselves saying "Only at Litchfield..." Without further ado, here are the 5 best relationships on OITNB (and the 5 worst)

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10 Worst: Maureen and Suzanne

Okay, so admittedly the two seemed adorable in the season 3 finale while they were awkwardly flirting at the lake, but then things took a turn when Maureen started to get obsessive towards Suzanne.

Viewers were surprised when Maureen turned out to be the "crazy" one by trying to escape with Suzanne to live in the forest, while at the same time sending her creepy hair portraits. Yep, Maureen gave Suzanne portraits made out of her own hair. Quirky!

9 Worst: Caputo and Ferguson

It's highly unlikely that there's any OITNB fan out there who is hardcore shipping these two. Their relationship is bland at best. Joe Caputo and Linda Ferguson are two people with completely different values, especially when it comes to how the prison is run.

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While Caputo actually seems to care about the rights of the inmates at Litchfield (for the most part), it is clear that Ferguson is only looking to benefit herself.

8 Worst: Morello and Christopher

Oh, boy. The history between Morello and Christopher is not only frightening, but it is completely one-sided. Morella and Christopher went on one single date and even after he made it clear to her that he was not interested in pursuing the relationship further, Morello built them up to be a couple. She even convinced all of her fellow inmates that Christopher was her fiance!

7 Worst: Larry and Polly

Fans can't help but roll their eyes whenever they hear the names "Larry" and "Polly" being placed in the same sentence. Not only were the two completely inconsiderate to Piper by pairing up, (Polly was Piper's best friend while Larry was Piper's boyfriend), but they were also simply a snooze fest to watch. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than watching their love story unfold.

6 Worst: Coates and Doggett

Watching these two on screen together is an extremely uncomfortable experience. What started off as a friendship between the inmate and officer quickly turned sour after Coates sexually abused Doggett.

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Viewers were shocked when Doggett ended up forgiving Coates, and the two then embarked in a "romantic" relationship that made fans of the show feel greatly disturbed. Luckily, Doggett ended up leaving him in season 6 when she realized the severity of everything that went down between the two.

5 Best: Sophia and Sister Jane

Even in prison, there is still hope for people to form brilliant relationships whether that be in the form of friendship or romance.  We witnessed the worst, now let's take a look at the best relationships on Orange Is the New Black.

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Sophia, an African American transgender woman, and Sister Jane, an elderly caucasian nun, seem like two people who would never even cross paths in the real world. Yet in prison, not only do they cross paths, but they become best friends. Sophia even says with confidence that Sister Jane is "the best person I know." Their relationship is completely unexpected, which is perhaps the exact thing that makes it so beautiful.

4 Best: Big Boo and Doggett

Another totally unlikely pair of BFFs is Big Boo and Doggett. The two are complete opposites in pretty much every way, yet somehow they end up becoming extremely protective of one another.

It's an honor to watch the friendship unfold between these two, and it makes us wonder if they will still keep in touch once they get out of prison.

3 Best: Morello and Nicky

These two easily take the cake for being the most romantically satisfying relationship on the show. It is difficult for fans to watch these two without feeling an enormous tug of the heartstrings in the process. Despite the fact that their love might seem as though it is unrequited, (that being the idea that Morello doesn't return Nicky's love), it is clear that their feelings for each other are mutual.

The one thing that Morello wants most in life is to find someone who loves her as much as Nicky seems to. Hopefully, Morello will put things into perspective and realize that the one she wants has been right in front of her eyes this whole time!

2 Best: Flaca and Maritza

Also known as "Flaritza", Flaca and Maritza are friendship goals. When together, these two are always able to produce comedy gold no matter how dark the times at Litchfield may be. Being able to add light to a prison that is filled with sorrow is much appreciated, and Flaritza has never failed to make us smile.

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From their Youtube Channel in the midst of a prison riot to their makeovers for the other inmates, their lighthearted drama-free relationship is extremely refreshing in the midst of Litchfield's chaos.

1 Best: Poussey and Taystee

Poussey and Taystee. How could they not be number one on this list? The two loved each other unconditionally and made us laugh just as frequently as they made us cry. After the injustice that happened to Poussey, Taystee used all the strength that she had to make sure that her best friend's name was honored.

The two went to extreme lengths during the course of the show to protect each other, whether it was from Vee or one of the Litchfield officers. Their friendship warmed our hearts and inspired us, like so many of the other relationships on Orange Is the New Black.

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