The Batman (Animated) Season 5 Preview

I don't cover this sort of thing much here at Screen Rant, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch The Batman animated series on Saturday mornings. After all it has won four Emmy Awards. :-)

I enjoyed the show much more before they introduced the annoying Batgirl character, but thankfully once they brought Robin onto the show she became both less annoying and less visible. Season 4 was pretty good with the introduction of Martian Manhunter and the brief appearance of the Justice League.

The word is that Season 5 of The Batman will expand on that brief teaser scene and will be incorporating other superheroes into the show more often. Here's what came from WB regarding the new season:

"Four-time Emmy Award winner 'The Batman' will focus its new season on the introduction of Batman's Justice League peers. Expect amped-up action and heightened stakes as Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and several others work in concert with Batman and even more of his amazing technological wonders to defend Gotham from a seemingly never-ending roster of super villains. The usual suspects return with nefarious new schemes and more sophisticated gadgetry as the Joker, Penguin, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze are joined in their quest to rid Gotham of any nocturnal winged creatures by the likes of Sinestro, Scarface, Mirror Master, Metallo, Clayface and even Lex Luthor who enlists Poison Ivy and her enchanting spores to turn Superman against Batman in the two-part season premiere."

That all sounds pretty good to me. While not at full "adult animated series" (and get your minds out of the gutter, you know what I mean) level, the show is pretty smart for a kid's series... enough so that I don't sit there groaning at ridiculous plot points.

When I saw the Justice League appear last season I got pretty excited because I've really liked this show's take on Batman, and considering how I felt that the animated Justice League series went downhill when they added the "Unlimited" moniker to it, I'm stoked to see what it will be like in The Batman's universe.

Anyway, here's a cool preview clip showing their version of Superman on the show in the upcoming season:

The new season premieres on September 22nd.

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