The Bachelor: 9 Couples That Stayed Together (And 11 That Split)

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been an ongoing phenomenon since 2002. In the search – or "journey" as the show prefers to call it – an eligible man or woman is paired up with a group of eligible singles in an attempt to pair them off. While eliminating various suitors each week, the goal is to find the best-suited person for the show's namesake. Along the way, there is obviously drama which has made the show a household, prime-time fixture for over fifteen years. Now with multiple spinoffs, the show has branded itself The Bachelor Nation.

Throughout the combined 37 seasons of the core shows, there have been a plethora of couples who have received the final roses at the end of the journey. However, given the drama and craziness of the show, not all couples have stayed together. An empirical study on the show reveals that the success rate of the show is rather low – at 11% for The Bachelor and 30% for The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, these are not great statistics for the potential suitors.

However, there are certainly some happy couples – and families – which have sprung from the show over time. The show is very quick to tout their successes (and sometimes their failures), but it is easy to forget what happens to these couples when they leave the screen. Now it's time to follow-up on some of the favorites! Here are 9 Bachelor Nation Couples That Stayed Together (And 11 That Split).

20 Split: Ben And Lauren

Despite having the fairytale "journey" that the show hopes for, this recent Bachelor couple did not stand the test of time. Ben's search for a relationship in season 20 led him away from JoJo Fletcher and towards Lauren Bushnell. Their tryst ended in the same way as so many seasons – with a proposal and the promise of a wedding. This relationship even led to the spinoff reality show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After.

Despite having another show to their namesake, their relationship did not pan out much further. Following the end of The Bachelor, the couple struggled to move beyond Ben's actions on the show. Imagine how difficult it must be to overcome various "I love you"s to other women in a new relationship? It seems that Ben and Lauren could not move past it, and ended their relationship following one season of their new show.

19 Stayed Together: Sean And Catherine

For a show based on finding love, it sure took a long time for a relationship to finally stick.

When Sean Lowe chose Catherine Giudici as his choice during season 17, fans could tell it was the "real deal." During their After the Final Rose episode, Catherine was still sporting her engagement ring, and Sean let the world know their wedding would be broadcast on television. Less than a year later, they would get married and have since welcomed two children into their family.

While multiple Bachelorettes have had successful relationships following the show, Sean is the first successful Bachelor to wind up married following his season. The Lowes have been used multiple times as "consultants" for future Bachelor couples in other seasons to show just how successful the show can be.

18 Split: Andi And Josh

Andi Dorfman is one of the Bachelor franchises must lovelorne heroes. Following two seasons of coming so close to finding love, Andi has moved on from reality television since being let down. However, she remains one of the most popular contestants in the show's history. On the other hand, Josh Murray is widely considered to be one of the biggest villains to appear on the show. To think that they would have stayed together is entirely unlikely.

Following their season together, the couple split up after less than a year of engagement. To recount her experiences on the show, Andi wrote a tell-all book called It's Not Okay. In her book, she spoke about the downward spiral that was her post-Bachelorette relationship and all of the things that the show did not show during the episodes. Murray commented on the book, calling it "fictional," but it certainly showed how Andi felt about the entire ordeal.

17 Stayed Together: Trista And Ryan

While it took a long time for The Bachelor to find a successful relationship, the first Bachelorette was able to do it in one season. Trista Rehn was able to find love following an unsuccessful showing during the first season of The Bachelor, and has made it last. Trista chose Ryan Sutter with her final rose and has built a beautiful family since then.

The first Bachelorette is proof that the show can work in bringing people together when the chemistry is right. Trista and Ryan are still happily married with two children and continue to document their journey online. If only every couple could have ended up this happy!

16 Split: Aaron And Helene

Normally when a relationship from The Bachelor does not pan out, the participants just go their separate ways. However, when Aaron's relationship with Helene did not work out post-show, they both saw an opportunity. That opportunity looked exactly like a 2.75-carat Harry Winston diamond and platinum ring.

Following their breakup, Aaron let Helene know that she could keep the ring that he gave her. However, rather than be reminded of the failed relationship, Helen decided to put it up for charity. Helene put her ring up for $17,500 on eBay, and promised to give all of the proceeds away. Normally this sale would not be allowed by ABC. However, Aaron decided to spring for the ring himself since he was so sure that the relationship would work out.

15 Stayed Together: Rachel And Bryan

As the first Bachelorette to be announced before her original season ended, all fans hoped that Rachel Lindsay would find love. Thankfully, she found Bryan early on in her journey and knew he would be the one. In fact, she was so sure about their relationship that she even spoiled the finale prior to airing.

While her life with Bryan has continued to go well together, Rachel did have a lot to say about her experience after the show. She knew that Bryan was the one, so she considered her season to be fairly "drama-free." Ultimately, she felt that the way the producers portrayed her was unfair to her and Bryan's relationship. Rachel said that the only happy ending she received was off-camera due to how the show sold their relationship.

14 Split: Kaitlyn And Shawn

In a ranking of former Bachelorettes, Kaitlyn Bristowe usually ranks near the top. Her wacky sense of humor made her incredibly entertaining, and fans were excited to see how her journey ended up. Ultimately, she chose Shawn Booth over returning suitor Nick Viall and looked to be starting a great relationship. Unfortunately, this funny girl would wind up back where she started before her season.

Kaitlyn's relationship with Shawn would not last, and no wedding date would end up being set. Thankfully, she seems to have found something much better with a previous Bachelor contestant in Jason Tartick. Since then, Shawn has been very vocal about his feelings on her new relationship. Hopefully, all of the drama ends up subsiding and everyone can end up happy.

13 Stayed Together: Jason And Molly

When Jason Mesnick finished season 13 of The Bachelor, he decided to begin a relationship with Melissa Rycroft. Everyone watching the show saw this as a great fit, but received a big shock during the After the Final Rose edition. It seems that Jason changed his mind following the episode filming and no longer wanted to be with Melissa. Instead, he wanted to explore things with the runner up from his season, Molly Malaney.

Thankfully for both Jason and Molly, the decision appears to be the right one. Despite the initial awkwardness, Jason and Molly are still together. In fact, they have two children together and televised their wedding in 2010. While it may have taken a little longer to get there, this couple is certainly pleased with the outcome.

12 Split: Alex And Amanda

The Bachelor Nation had to start somewhere, but it did not necessarily begin on the right foot. The first season of The Bachelor included Alex Michel stumbling through a journey of looking for love. Thankfully, the show has evolved since this first run and it is much more plausible that someone will walk out with love.

When the first season ended with Alex choosing Amanda Marsh, he did not propose to her. With the ultimate goal of two people finding love not being fulfilled, it made fans uneasy about how the show would progress. This was only magnified when Alex and Amanda split after only a few short months together. It would take sixteen more seasons for a Bachelor to finally stay with a woman that he chose.

11 Split: Byron And Mary

While the vast majority of Bachelor relationships have not worked out, season six certainly takes the cake for the most dysfunctional. Byron's proposal to Mary Shelley started off wonderful, with him speaking Spanish so her parents could understand. With sentiments like this, wasn't the relationship bound to work out?

Unfortunately, a nice gesture is not enough to keep two tumultuous people together. Less than a year into their relationship, things started to fall apart. Following an argument at home, Mary would be charged after striking Byron. While both would say that it was a misunderstanding, it was clear that these two were not meant for each other. Thankfully, they would end the relationship shortly afterward before things escalated even further.

10 Stayed Together: Ashley And J.P.

When a Bachelorette contestant is sure of who they are going to end up with from the beginning, it can make for a less-than-exciting season. However, it is a very pleasing sight when two people end up happy together.

There are certain couples who all future Bachelor contestants are compared to. Based on how happy Ashley and J.P. have been since the end of season 7 of The Bachelorette, they are one of those couples. Ashley had a tough road to finding love, but she ended up with a very happy ending. Since their televised wedding in 2012, the couple has welcomed two children into their family. While success is few and far between, it is pleasing that it has worked out so well for these two.

9 Split: Jillian And Ed

As the original kooky Canadian Bachelorette, Jillian Harris had audiences keeled over with her sense of humor. While she became the first Canadian Bachelorette, she was not the first to split from her suitor. Despite choosing Ed Swiderski, the two would not last.

Following only a couple of months of engagement, these two quietly separated. While this would normally be a sad affair, it appears that both parties were not necessarily looking for the same thing. While Jillian seemed to be genuinely looking for love, Ed was more interested in gaining popularity. Only months following his breakup, he debuted on the Bachelor Pad looking for more fame and money from reality television.

8 Stayed Together: Becca And Garrett

It seems to be a good sign for a relationship when all of the negative drama comes from other contestants than the winner of the season. Both Becca and Garrett have been leading a relatively quiet life together since their season. With very active social lives together, these two are living life to the fullest.

The key to their happiness is that they have steered clear of all the drama surrounding the other men from the season. With controversies surrounding former suitors Colton Underwood and Lincoln Adim, there was some negativity surrounding Becca's season. However, while these two plan their eventual wedding, none of that negativity will be in sight.

7 Split: Jake And Vienna

The Bachelor

Out of all the couples who have wound up together following their season, none have been as tumultuous as Jake and Vienna. Beginning from Vienna's drama inside the house, to their uncomfortable breakup interview, this couple was non-stop drama. Considering this all took place at the height of the Bachelor Nation, they milked it for all it was worth.

Following Jake choosing Vienna with his final rose, the drama unfolded shortly afterward. With Jake accusing Vienna of turning on him, and Vienna saying that Jake was emotionally harmful, they both jockeyed for position in multiple tabloid interviews. Thankfully, all has subsided now and both have moved apart from one another. However, it has not stopped Jake from continuing to poke his head in on any reality television show that will have him!

6 Stayed Together: Colton And Cassie

The most recent Bachelor relationship is certainly the most unconventional. While most season finales feature a Bachelor choosing one of the remaining contestants, Colton Underwood decided to change his mind. Rather than choosing Hannah or Tayshia, Colton opted to try his luck with someone who left the show on her own. Following his "epic" fence jump, Colton went to find former contestant Cassie Randolph to let her know he was still interested.

Now that all of the drama has subsided, Colton and Cassie are reportedly still together but not engaged. Despite everyone thinking that it was a bad decision, they have been making it work. Cassie originally left the show following her father not giving Colton permission to propose. However, now that the pressure of the show is off, they seem to be moving much better at their own pace.

5 Split: Brad And Emily

If anyone has obtained the status of a permanent bachelor, it is Brad Womack. Despite an unprecedented two opportunities as the titular Bachelor, he has not been able to make a relationship stick. Once he infamously turned down both of the women in his first season, he was invited back a second time. Unfortunately, his engagement to the sweetest contestant of all time did not even pan out.

During his second go around, Brad chose single mother Emily Maynard with his final rose. While the show made it seem that Emily was one of the nicest people on the planet, she was not able to co-exist with Brad following the show. The couple broke up only seven weeks following the airing of their finale. Unfortunately, Emily's follow up stint as The Bachelorette would not pan out for her either. Perhaps it is time that both of them stop asking reality shows for relationship assistance.

4 Stayed Together: Desiree And Chris

The Bachelorette success trend continues! When it comes to Desiree and Chris' relationship, it did not start off as strong as the other success stories. With Chris remaining as one of Desiree's final suitors, she was unsure if she had strong enough feelings for him to continue. However, she accepted his proposal during the final episode. Watching this back must have been difficult for the couple, but things certainly wound up working in their favor.

Most recently, Desiree and Chris announced the arrival of their second child via Instagram. Things may not always go as planned, but that is what happens when people sign up for love through reality television!

3 Split: Juan Pablo And Nikki

By asking any Bachelor Nation fans who their least favorite Bachelor is, most would come back with Juan Pablo Galavis. The soccer star did not make any fans through his appearance on the show. His demeanor towards many of the contestants was unfavorable, with many calling him misogynistic by the season's end. While he claims that many of his comments were taken out of context, the proof of him being a less-than-great guy is in the show.

When it came time for him to choose a woman in the finale, Juan Pablo remained non-committal. Instead of offering a proposal to Nikki Ferrell, he gave her a rose. Furthermore, he refused to reciprocate her "I love you", and instead replied with how much he liked her. While his honesty is slightly refreshing, he just came off as a total buffoon. Thankfully, Nikki ended their relationship shortly after.

2 Stayed Together: JoJo And Jordan

JoJo' decision to choose Jordan Rodgers as her suitor may not have been popular at the time, but there is no arguing with the result. After watching JoJo stumble through per experience on The Bachelor, it is great to see her wind up happy. These two are building a happy life together, including a new home and plans for a big wedding.

As their wedding plans continue to unravel, JoJo and Jordan continue to prove that they are perfect together. The episodes of the show are only able to show snippets of their relationship together. Now that they are in "real life," fans are truly able to see how compatible they are. Now the Bachelor Nation is eagerly awaiting an announced date!

1 Split: Chris And Whitney

While the likelihood of a Bachelor relationship lasting is low, it is sad to see one finish off this way. Thankfully there was no ill-will between the two, as they parted amicably in 2015. However, their lives following their split has resulted in quite a bit of tragedy.

Following his breakup with Whitney, Chris was charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident which resulted in the demise of an Iowa farmer. Most recently Chris has pleaded guilty to the charges and is awaiting trial. While the details of the case are still unclear to the public, these circumstances shouldn't be wished on anyone, regardless of how they were portrayed on a reality show.


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