20 Savage Avengers VS Justice League Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

In one corner, weighing in with a whopping ten members on their team, we have the Heroes of New York, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the MCU’s Avengers. We see Captain America and Iron Man up in front, as they struggle to maintain power over their team.

Then, our view is obstructed by a large green giant-- the Incredible Hulk. As he steps around the corner, we see a large hammer being carried by an even larger man – Thor, the God of Thunder. He is followed by the incredibly powerful pair, Vision and Scarlet Witch, after the quirky Hawkeye and Black Widow. Flying high over the sky we see our final two competitors, Falcon and War Machine.

Then, in the other corner, we have seven members ready to take on their challengers. These competitors just made their first big screen debut and are known as the one and only Justice League.

Up in front is the direct contrast of darkness and light: Batman and Superman. Behind them, comes the gorgeous Amazonian warrior, Wonder Woman, and that flash of light that you just saw is the Flash.

The next competitor is sure to make a splash, as Aquaman enters the arena. He is followed by Cyborg, who, although was not an original member of the team, is enjoying his debut with the team.

Now that all the competitors have arrived, let’s get ready to rumble with these 20 Savage Avengers VS Justice League Memes Only True Fans Will Understand.

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20 The Avenger's Biggest Enemy VS. The Justice League's Biggest Enemy

Thanos is a cosmic warlord and the greatest enemy of the Marvel Universe. He will be introduced in Avengers: Infinity War and will have the power to change the MCU as we know it. What holds that power in the DCEU? The answer is Rotten Tomatoes.

The popular review site has not been so kind to some of the most recent DC movies. Batman v Superman currently has a score of 27% and Suicide Squad is at 26%. With the immense ability to negatively influence the impact of DCEU’s movies. Rotten Tomatoes is far more powerful than Darkseid.

Some DC fans have even created a theory that Marvel and Disney have been paying critics to write negative reviews about DCEU films. However, there is no supporting evidence for this.

19 The Avengers Have Hulk, the Justice League Have Legal Rights

When debating whether the Avengers or the Justice League is more superior, “We have a Hulk” is the most over-used line by Marvel fans. However, the Hulk wasn’t even originally Marvel’s to begin with.

Universal Studios initially had the film production rights on the Hulk and produced the 2003 Hulk film. Marvel eventually received Hulk’s production rights in 2008 with the movie, Incredible Hulk. However, Universal Studios still gets the first chance to distribute any future Hulk movies.

Production copy rights have been a huge issue for Marvel and Disney, so Superman’s statement in the meme hits right at home.

Many other Avengers are owned by different production companies. For example, Marvel shares joint custody of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch with Fox, and Spider-Man is shared with Sony.

According to Superman, you can’t have the best team when you don’t even have access to all of them.


The “Martha” scene in Batman v Superman has been the butt of all the jokes in the comic world. It’s referenced in many memes and it doesn’t look like DC is going to live that one down any time soon.

Two of the strongest superheroes were set to battle it out in the greatest match of the entire universe. Regardless of whether you identify as a DC fan or a Marvel fan, it was something we had all been waiting for. Boy, did DC do us wrong.

Instead of showing us the battle of the century, we were shown a couple of school kids bonding in a weird bromance over their mothers.

However, during the same year, Captain America: Civil War was released, and we got to see real warriors go to war over control and power. It was a huge contrast to the lovey-dovey angle of Batman v Superman, and therefore, during a year of super hero battles, many awarded the championship title to Marvel.

However, maybe if Steve Rogers’ and Tony Stark’s moms had the same name, things would’ve been different – maybe they could’ve come to an arrangement or ever-lasting bromance, instead of an all-out Civil War.

17 Batman vs. Spidey's Pre-Dinner Showdown

Just about every member of the Justice League has some kind of “daddy" or "mommy” issue.

Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered, which sparked his journey to becoming the Dark Knight. It’s a sad and emotional story, but based on this meme, there’s someone with an even sadder origin story – Spider-Man.

Peter Parker lost his parents in a plane crash. He was then taken in by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben (like the rice). However, Marvel decided that it wasn’t enough for him to lose both his parents. Uncle Ben was also brutally shot and killed, throwing Peter Parker into the world of Spider-Man.

With an origin story as brutal as his, Spidey simply has no comebacks for Batman’s comments. All he can say is, “I hate you so much.”

16 Contemplating Good and Evil... Or Shawarma?

When football players win the Super Bowl, they supposedly go to Disney World. So where do superheroes go after they save the world from evil and complete destruction?

Well, if you’re a member of the Justice League, you go into the dark corners of your mind and contemplate the meaning of life and death or good and evil. You learn a lesson about the world and humanity, and convince yourself that the world is essentially good.

However, if you’re an Avenger, you go out and eat some shawarma. During the post-credit scene of The Avengers, the team celebrates their victory by eating at a “shawarma joint” that Iron Man suggests.

This hilarious meme also points out the quintessential difference between the MCU and the DCEU. The MCU relies on light, quirky comments and humor, while the DCEU focuses on grim and darker issues.

15 Avenger's Dressing Up for Halloween

When Nick Fury asks the Avengers to dress up as the Justice League, they all put on the red dress and boots that represent Wonder Woman. Why? Because Wonder Woman has been carrying the Justice League and is one of the most popular DC movies yet. There’s simply no one else you would even think of dressing up as.

Wonder Woman carried the entire DC franchise on her shoulders as she flew through the box office to receive worldwide critical acclaim. She saved the reputation of the DC cinematic universe and helped fans regain an interest in the films.

So, with Wonder Woman’s popularity and undeniable powers, why would any of the Avengers want to dress up as anyone else? The real question is: who wore it best?

14 The Flash vs. Quicksilver

Many Justice League and Avenger members have similar powers and abilities. Therefore, fans of each universe have pitted them against each other in a battle of wits, strength, and power.

The Flash and Quicksilver are two of these competing heroes. They both have the ability of super speed, but apparently one of them is no match for the speed of a bullet.

Barry Allen has shown his ability to catch a speeding bullet in he CW’s The Flash. However, Quicksilver doesn’t have the same ability. He was ultimately killed by his inability to stop bullets.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Quicksilver sacrifices his life to save Hawkeye and a little boy from the line of Ultron’s fire. However, he just wasn’t fast enough to save himself. So, there’s one point for the Flash and one for the Justice League.

13 Six Vs. One

The threat in Man of Steel and The Avengers is the same. In both, the heroes have to stop an alien invasion and an evil being that wants to rule Earth. However, in Man of Steel, there was only one hero: Superman.

Superman was able to eliminate the alien threat all by himself. Fighting alone, he took on evil Kryptonians and killed General Zod. However, the Avengers needed six members to fight off Loki and the Chitauri.

This points to exactly how much stronger the Justice League is than the Avengers. One of the members alone is just as strong as six of the Avengers. In a fight between DC and Marvel, you should probably place your bet on the Justice League, as they can do six times the work.

12 The Outsiders

It’s day 25 of “Superhero Survivor” and the Avengers team, which consists of humans that want to be Gods, have still not identified the traitor among them. Thor still masks as a human and no one has figured out that he is actually the God of Thunder. His blonde hair and quirky comments have transformed him into one of them, and have blinded his team from reality.

The Justice League team, consisting of Gods who want to be humans, has also not figured out who their traitor is. At this camp, Batman is cleverly disguising his identity using gadgets and devices. The tools mask the fact that he is truly human, and very different from the rest of the team.

Maybe one day the two teams will figure out that they are harboring one of their competitors.

11 Never Be a Guy Named Steve, Played by A Guy Named Chris

Now this meme may seem like it’s showing the similarities between the two comic universes, but it’s actually also taking a jab at Wonder Woman. Released after Captain America: The First Avenger, Wonder Woman is very similar to the Marvel movie and is sometimes called the female version of Captain America.

As seen by this meme, both movies contain a character named Steve, played by an actor named Chris, who crashed a plane into the water.

The heroes of the movie also both plunge into war in order to stop a German scientist from unleashing a weapon of mass destruction on the world. However, underneath the main story, the heroes must fight against the power of the gods – the Tesseract in Captain America, and Ares in Wonder Woman.

Along their journey, they are joined by a ragtag group of allies and their love interests who fight by their side and help guide them through the war. However, in the end, both lose the love of their life.

10 Batman's Resume Beats Iron Man's

Most of the Avengers versus Justice League memes focus around the similarities between Iron Man and Batman. Both are rich businessmen and genius playboys who use their money to create fancy suits and gadgets that help them save the world. However, according to this meme, that’s where their similarities end and the Dark Knight starts to soar.

Batman has far more skills and mastered professions, including detective, pilot, linguist, and martial arts specialist. He is also humble and a master of disguise, as he can save Gotham without the citizens learning about his true identity. Whereas, everyone knows exactly who Iron Man is.

The Dark Knight’s resume completely destroys Iron Man’s, and if they were up for a job, there would be no competition.

9 Poor Batman VS Superman

With all the new super hero movies coming out each year, Marvel and DC have to always be on their toes. Each universe goes after the other hard, and it’s as if the characters are constantly running around to keep up.

Running off the steam of Dark Knight movies and the future prospects of Justice League and Aquaman, the DCEU was off to the races at high speed. However, in 2016, one of the team’s runners completely fell through.

Batman v Superman was set up to be an epic clash of super heroes and a battle of a lifetime. However, it tripped and fell before it reached the finish line.

The film currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 27% and has been called one of the worst super hero movies by critics. This gave Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming a great head-start.

8 How Do They Fare Against Gods?

Meeting a god is just a normal occurrence for superheroes. However, some of them have handled their on-screen encounters better than others.

Representing the Avengers, Captain America and the Hulk have both come across the same gods: Thor, the God of Thunder and Loki, the God of Mischief. Although meeting a God would seem to change Captain America’s Christian values, he still has his views and morals intact.

Hulk, on the other hand, humiliates them. In The Avengers, Hulk smashes Loki around and calls him a “puny god.” Then, in Thor: Ragnarok, he does the same thing to Thor in the Grandmaster’s arena.

Representing the Justice League, we have the Flash and Batman. Barry was completely wrecked by Savitar, dubbed the God of Speed in the CW show. He was also beaten by Hermes, a son of Zeus, in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Batman has met Superman and Wonder Woman. In Batman v Superman, he takes on Superman only to make him bleed a little and call a truce when he finds out that their mothers have the same name. In the same movie, Batman meets Diana and simply emails the Goddess a picture with a badly worded message.

7 Move Over Hela, Batman's In Town

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s sister, Hela, catches his Mjolnir and destroys it. However, based on this meme, Batman is also capable of wielding Thor’s mighty hammer, because well, he’s Batman.

There have been many debates about which Justice League members are worthy enough to hold Thor’s hammer. Superman has actually lifted the hammer before in a DC/Marvel crossover comic, but what about the Dark Knight?

The ability to lift the hammer isn’t based on strength, but rather the possession of the honor and heart that Mjolnir deems worthy. Since Captain America has lifted it before, many fans believe Batman could as well, seeing how the two heroes are quite similar mentally.

Both characters act for the greater good of the world and refuse to compromise their moral code. They also stay true to their path of justice and succeed because of their noble and honorable intentions.

This might make the Dark Knight worthy of the hammer. However, the true question is whether or not the Mjolnir is worthy of Batman.

6 Their Secret Identities

Since the creation of superheroes, there has been the idea of a secret identity. Heroes are constantly fighting evil and thus, to protect themselves and the ones they love, they have created secret, alternate lives that shield their abilities. However, the MCU doesn’t abide by these laws.

Tony Stark announced his identity at a press conference, Steve Rogers has a museum dedicated to him, and Thor wanders onto Earth whenever he wants without a second glance. Iron Man and Captain America actually both wear masks, but everyone still knows who they are.

On the other hand, the citizens of the DCEU seem to be more gullible. Superman and Wonder Woman don’t wear masks, yet can’t be identified when they walk around as Clark Kent and Diana Prince.

5 The Avengers' Comeback

Of course, Marvel fans had to comeback at Superman’s meme, and here it is. Although it took six Avengers to defeat an alien invasion, at least they didn’t have to wear their underwear outside their costume for 75 years.

Man of Steel was the first time Superman has worn his red underwear inside his uniform, rather than on the outside for everyone to see. Warner Brothers even released a 13-minute featurette explaining why the crew decided to ditch the red undergarments.

David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder wanted the movie to be about a real-life Superman that lives in the real world. Therefore, they filmed in locations such as a 7-11 and simply couldn’t imagine the underwear being a natural real-world occurrence.

According to Snyder, “I probably looked at hundreds of versions with underwear. I couldn’t make it consistent with the world that we were creating.”

4 Temper Much?

Many people are quick to point out the similarities between Batman and Iron Man. They are both billionaires who use their money to build suits and gadgets to save the world from evil. However, their methods are very different.

Batman has taken a “no kill” vow, and therefore always sticks to his moral code. Even though the Joker and his other enemies take his loved ones from him, Batman will not stoop to their level. He will take the high road every time.

In contrast, Iron Man’s moral compass doesn’t always point in the right direction. This can be seen through his sarcastic comments and humorous banter. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill for something as simple as breaking a little Dora the Explorer watch.

So, although the two may seem similar on the outside, they lead very different lives on the inside.

3 Robin Scherbatsky VS Batman's Robin

What is one thing that Batman and the Avengers have in common? They both have a Robin.

Agent Maria Hill is played by Cobie Smulders in the Marvel movies. She is the Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and has been the intermediary between the Avengers and the organization.

Cobie Smulders also played Robin Scherbatsky in the popular sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. The show ran for nine seasons and was a part of many people’s lives for years. Therefore, it’s sometimes hard to disassociate Smulders from Robin and, ultimately, Agent Maria Hill from Robin.

According to this meme, Robin Scherbatsky is the real Robin, and Batman’s Robin just simply doesn’t compete. After all, Scherbatsky is a whisky drinking, gun-shooting, fierce woman who might as well be a superhero.

2 Just Some Heroes Fighting In A Parking Lot

Despite the bad reviews, the fight between Batman and Superman started out as one of the greatest gladiator matches in the history of the world. The battle begins during a stormy night, and as lightning strikes down on the world, Superman flies in for his match up against the Dark Knight. The stage is perfectly set for an epic showdown between two of the greatest superheroes in the world.

However, in direct contrast, the battle between the two Avengers’ Civil War teams seems like a student fight in a high school parking lot. The background doesn’t set the mood for a war between some of the world’s best fighters, and instead it looks just like gang rivalry or a bunch of kids bullying each other.

In this regard, the Batman v Superman gladiator death match takes the cake and beats out the Avengers’ Civil War.

1 On Your Left!

This hilarious scene is from the beginning of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson is going for a jog and all of a sudden you see Captain America speeding past him saying, “on your left.

However, in this particular meme, the role of Sam Wilson is being played by the upcoming Justice League movie and the role of Steve Rogers goes to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The Spider-Man movie was released earlier this year and hit theaters months before Justice League. According to this meme, the momentum from Homecoming’s release will soar through the release of Justice League and over take its popularity.

The MCU will beat the DCEU and finish their jog out in front. So, watch out DC, because Marvel is just on your left.


Have you discovered any other hilariously savage Avengers VS Justice League memes? Let us know in the comments!

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