'The Avengers' in the Style of 'Firefly'

The Avengers Intro - Firefly Style

Now that The Avengers has become one of the most successful films in movie history, Joss Whedon finally seems to be getting some major Hollywood respect. Not that it matters to the famously geeky director. Thanks to cult favorite TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, Whedon has always had one of the most rabid fanbases around.

Of course, that's what made The Avengers such a doubly satisfying experience for fans of Whedon's previous work. Not only was it awesome, but it was awesome because of all the Whedonisms that made it into the movie - such as his pithy sense of humor, his penchant for writing strong, smart female leads, and his habit of killing off fan-favorite characters.

That's why I was so excited when I saw this video, which takes footage from The Avengers and cuts it together in the style of the intro from Firefly. It's like getting a double dose of Joss Whedon. You're simultaneously celebrating the greatness of The Avengers while also honoring the director's roots.

Check it out below:

I actually didn't come around to Firefly until recently. People had always told me the show was great, but I never really gave it a shot. Interestingly, I started watching it because I wanted to "get ready" for The Avengers.

It really is a crime that Firefly didn't last longer than a season, even though I understand why it didn't. The show's unusual mishmash of sci-fi and western genres just didn't click with mainstream audiences, and Fox didn't have the desire (or vision) to market the show correctly.

Nathan Fillion Firefly

Hopefully, the success of The Avengers will spur audiences to look back at some of Whedon's earlier work. At the very least, it has inspired some cool fan-made work, like this intro trailer.

Are you a fan of Firefly? If so, sound off in the comments about the show and your thoughts on this video.

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