20 Crazy Avengers Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Movies

It's a wonderful time to be alive for all comic book and superhero fans. The comic books themselves have a slick style and production value that is arguably the best they have ever been.

Meanwhile, the movies offer a huge range of riches, with superhero movies being one of the most popular forms of entertainment in recent years, with multi-million dollar production budgets to match.

Avengers: Infinity War marks the 19th movie in the official MCU, which was followed immediately by the 20th, Ant-Man and the Wasp. 

With Infinity War, Marvel has shown that it is possible to cram an even bigger slate of live-action heroes into one movie and still make an incredibly entertaining film - and the fans just love it. Worldwide, Avengers: Infinity War has grossed over $2 billion and counting.

With new platforms and digital tools, aspiring Avengers fan artists have more freedom to reach people worldwide. Since their interpretations are not official depictions from Marvel, fans are free to create versions of our favorite characters that we have never seen before - and they are awesome.

As Marvel keeps chugging along, we can count on newer generations of fans to create their own fan art.

With that said, here are the 20 Crazy Avengers Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Movies.

20 Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man has become a favorite among artists to reinterpret, and this particular version is extremely striking.

Part of the reason why Iron Man is so appealing to re-envision is that he is so highly adaptable.

He is constantly wearing different armor in the comic books and even in the movies, so fans have become used to seeing him adapted into dozens of combinations and with varying accessories.

The latest model of Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War had him sporting nanotech armor, which enabled him to create weapons and machines on the fly.

The artist here depicts a steampunk-inspired take on the classical armor.

The faceplate is definitely a big highlight, as it sports eyes that are more similar to Ultron than to classic Iron Man. However, the ensemble totally works.

19 The Little Avengers

Little Avengers

It's always fun imagining how these super teams would have interacted if they were younger, and this is an awesome depiction of what that might look like.

It almost seems like a John Hughes version of the team, which would be a fun universe to explore.

The Avengers all appear to be depicted as young children, and there's a lot going on here.

Starting from the left, Thor seems to have apprehended his brother Loki, as we can see the God of Mischief bound and gagged.

Hulk has just recently Hulked out, most likely because Hawkeye hit him with his suction arrow. Hawkeye looks up nervously at Black Widow, who looks angry — probably because she's been talking to her crush Bruce.

Meanwhile, Steve Rogers is yelling at Tony Stark because, well, the two have never really gotten along. Luckily Tony doesn't seem too phased.

18 Black Widow

Black Widow

Rumor has it that Black Widow is finally getting her own solo movie, and it's about time.

Quite honestly, Marvel has had such a head start on their comic book universe that many fans were actually surprised that DC made a successful female-driven superhero film with Wonder Woman before Marvel gave Natasha her own movie.

Natasha Romanoff is perfect for her own movie, which would most likely be an action spy-thriller.

This artist depicts her here with long flowing hair, which is whipping around her as she takes out bad guys with her pistols.

With six appearances in Marvel movies, she's among the biggest heavy hitters in the MCU and it's about time we see her get the deluxe treatment that she deserves.

17 Auto Avengers

Auto Avengers

Taking inspiration from mechs and Transformers, this artist created a version of The Avengers that we have never seen before - a robotic team ready for some weird adventures.

The artist has also created backstories around all of the characters that are loosely based on the original heroes, so we can tell that they put a lot of time and effort into this.

The artists' interpretation of Iron Man is particularly interesting, as he appears to have four arms when fully assembled instead of two.

Hulk looks appropriately Hulk-like, and it wouldn't be hard to imagine him going full on robot-berserker.

Hawkeye and Thor are completely recognizable, and it's hard not to notice the electric rods on Thor.

Leading the team is Captain America, and from the look of his shield, it's obvious that he's been through a few fights already.

16 Captain America

Captain America

This artist reimagined Captain America wearing an impressive suit of armor that could be based in the medieval past, or alternatively, perhaps it's an advanced suit with a design that is meant to invoke the past.

Either way, Cap looks like a threat to be reckoned with in this image.

The artist's fans questioned whether he was a knight or paladin. The artist responded that he saw him as more of a "Commander," and so, according to this comment, it seems like he may either be in the present or future, rather than from the distant past.

It would be fun to see this version of Cap in a battle, as we're sure that he would make a formidable foe.

Also, could there a sword to go with that shield?

15 Black Panther

It’s hard to imagine the movie Black Panther doing better than it already has. Critically, it’s been a huge hit, and it has been bringing in unbelievable box office numbers, with over $1.3 billion and counting.

So we’re not saying that the character necessarily needs a redesign.

However, that’s the great thing about these heroes — the more popular they are, the more fans that want to put their own creative stamp on them.

This artist puts a beautiful twist on Black Panther, putting him under the full moon and giving his suit additional armor pieces. The red eyes and highlights give him an even more intimidating look.

If nothing else, this could be a suit that Shuri might provide for special situations.

14 Black Widow and Hulk

Black Widow and Hulk

Though we got a tiny taste of it in Avengers: Age of Ultron, many MCU fans probably feel that the Black Widow and Hulk team-up has been vastly underutilized.

One fascinating element is that both Bruce Banner and The Hulk appear to have crushes on Black Widow, which explains why a recording of Natasha calmed down Hulk's rage and unwillingly transformed him back to Banner in Thor: Ragnarok. 

Also in Thor: Ragnarok, we saw how Valkerie and the Hulk would play-wrestle and horse around, hinting how Black Widow and Hulk might interact.

They would make an incredible team, as Black Widow is the stealthy tactician, while Hulk is an obvious tank.

She's also probably the only one who could tell him to back off or point his raging fists in another direction without getting friend-punched like Thor.

This particular redesign by this artist makes the two look like they're a perfect team.

13 CGI Animated Avengers

CGI Avengers

Not only are these pre-teen versions of the characters adorable, but they are also drawn in a CGI animated style that is reminiscent of Pixar movies.

Both Hawkeye's "H" and Captain America's "A" are written in lowercase instead of uppercase, which emphasizes that they are the half-pint-sized version of themselves and thus have a lot of growing to do to become the heroes we know and love today.

It's not hard to envision a full animated film in this style with younger versions of our heroes.

It could be a non-canonical story or maybe some bit of magic that reverts all of the Avengers back to their pre-pubescent selves.

Perhaps a team-up with the Incredibles might be in order? It would certainly make for an extremely entertaining story.

A fan can always dream.

12 Teen Titans Avengers

Teen Titans Avengers

The Teen Titans are one DC's most popular team properties right now. In fact, they're arguably even more popular than the Justice League if you look at their performance across all platforms.

This illustration begs the question: are the members of the Teen Titans such dedicated Avengers fans that they would ever dress up as them for Halloween? This artist would argue yes.

Robin, as the leader, would play Captain America. Beast Boy is already green and capable of shapeshifting, so he has to be The Hulk.

Cyborg is a no-brainer as Iron Man, as he has powers similar to the suit. Starfire would have a blast as Thor (and she's probably worthy of actually carrying Mjolnir in the MCU).

Finally, loner Raven with the mysterious past could easily play Black Widow.

In all honestly, we could easily see the Teen Titans getting excited about the next Marvel movie.

11 Sailor Avengers

Sailor Avengers

This artist has created a gender-bent version of The Avengers (with the exception of Black Widow) that is loosely based on the iconic Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon.

Based on the color of their costumes, one fan labeled all the Sailors.

Going from left to right: Captain America is Sailor Moon, Iron Man is Sailor Mars, Thor is Sailor Venus, Hawkeye is Sailor Uranus, Hulk is Sailor Saturn, Black Widow is Sailor Neptune, and Loki is Sailor Pluto.

The details really sell this piece. Captain America has a cool winged tiara, while Iron Man has a nifty visor.

Thor is also extremely tall, hovering over the other Avengers, with a winged tiara in her hair.

Meanwhile, Hulk has hands bigger than her torso, Black Widow sports a total Natasha pose, and Loki, being Thor's sister, is just as tall as her.

Overall, it's a great lineup.

10 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

In the movies, Scarlet Witch's costume is extremely different from the one we see in the comics.

Opting more for a "civilian" non-superhero look, her outfit consists mostly of just a red leather overcoat and black leather pants.

In the comic books, however, she comes across much more dramatically, with a red tiara, a flowing red cape, and sometimes a plunging neckline.

This gorgeous version of her costume makes her seem much more like a female Mystic akin to Dr. Strange than just a street brawler with magic powers.

There's something about her cape that makes her seem more powerful and regal.

Also, while the MCU version of the character certainly has its fans, this version just makes her look so much more powerful.

9 Fantasy Avengers

Fantasy Avengers

If you were offered to go questing in a classic Dungeons & Dragons-style role-playing campaign with friends, wouldn't it be awesome to be a part of this team that is clearly styled after the Avengers?

It would be great to see the entire Avengers team here, though.

Unfortunately, this artist only chose to draw three Avengers team members, though their style is extremely compelling.

Here, it is obvious that The Hulk as an ogre is in the barbarian class, Iron Man is in the paladin class, and Wolverine is a knight in the fighter class.

The team would need rounding out with a ranger like Hawkeye. For the cleric and sorcerer, we would have to choose Scarlet Witch.

Also, of course Captain America would be another knight in the fighter class.

With a character pantheon as large as the Avengers, there are so many possibilities for a gamer to create the perfect campaign.

8 Quicksilver


The character of Quicksilver got a unique treatment in the movies, as drastically different versions of him appear in both the X-Men and Avengers universe.

In the Avengers version, he is not a mutant, but rather a human being who was experimented on using the Mind Stone along with his sister, Scarlet Witch.

Unfortunately, he perished in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The X-Men version of Quicksilver was much more popular among fans. Most of his comic book origin was kept in the movies, which meant that he is both a mutant and the son of Magneto.

He also has two amazing action sequences where he saves an entire crowd of people both in X-Men: Days of Future Past and in X-Men: Apocalypse. 

This artist's version of Quicksilver is closer to the version we see in the comic books, as he's sporting his classic green suit.

7 Hawkeye


Hawkeye, similar to Black Widow, has no real superpowers and must rely on combat prowess in order to survive - well, that and a quill full of technologically advanced arrows.

This artist depicts Hawkeye in a suit that we've never seen before, which is highlighted by a purple helmet and visor that covers his entire face.

Honestly, it makes sense that a trick archer would have a helmet on in order to protect his face. Since Hawkeye doesn't have any special abilities, he needs as much protect he can get.

Also, since he's a family man now, wouldn't it make sense to wear a helmet to protect his identity?

Hawkeye's bow also has a sight in this version, which we can imagine is extremely helpful when Hawkeye has to make long-distance shots. His victims probably have no idea what hit them.

Overall, he looks much more intimidating here.

6 Dragon Avengers

Dragon Avengers

This fan redesign of The Avengers is extremely unique.

Captain America is obviously in the front, with the trademark shield emblem on the top of his head. Iron Man is pretty obvious too, as his gold and red marking match his iconic armor exactly.

Thor is tall, golden, and majestic, with a crest of "hair" on his head that is reminiscent of his long locks.

We would be able to identify Hulk instantaneously, simply by him being green and bigger than all of the other dragons.

The last dragon is a bit harder to identity, but it's obvious by it's hawk-like beak that this is Hawkeye.

Would a world where the Avengers are dragons make any sense at all? Who cares. This artist made the Dragon Avengers, and that's cool enough.

5 Retro Style Avengers

Retro Style Avengers

There's something extremely captivating about this old-fashioned three-color printed comic book redesign that is done in the fashion and style of the 1960s.

There's something familiar and warm about it, and the way the artist draws the characters makes it seem full of personality and life.

It's also interesting that, despite the fact that Steve, Natasha, and Tony are not "suited up," they are still wearing all their signature colors.

The 1960s was the time of spy adventures and superhero journeys. This piece has an inherent style that seems to go with the decade.

X-Men: First Class capitalized on this, setting the X-Men in the early 1960s. Also, though The Incredibles takes place in the modern era, it's style and music are also reminiscent of the late '50s and '60s.

This looks like a fun day off for Steve, Nat, and Tony as they hit the town — maybe they're on the hunt for some Shawarma.

4 Ant-Man


Even though every Marvel movie to date has been a hit, characters occasionally take us by surprise.

Ant-Man is one of those goofy superheroes that don't seem like they would translate well into live-action. Yet, thanks to Marvel and Paul Rudd, somehow the character works well on the big screen.

This rendition of Ant-Man is extremely unique and different to the character we saw on screen.

The artist revealed that this is "sort of a weird rendition of Ant-Man if he were able to dissolve into millions of tiny ants."

Yes, this would be extremely weird - but hey, it's the MCU, so we know that anything is possible.

However, to be honest, seeing Paul Rudd dissolve into millions of ants might give us nightmares.

3 Falcon


It looks like this artist was highly inspired by the Falcon we see in the MCU.

However in this redesign, Falcon has biological wings instead of mechanical ones. This gives him the appearance of an angel or a mutant, which is a lot cooler than the version we got on-screen.

In the comics, Falcon also flies with the use of mechanical wings, but the wings appear much more organic than they do in the movies.

The comic version of Falcon is also able to telepathically control nearby birds with the help of the suit.

However, the movie went with something different by giving Falcon miniature robotic "bird" drones that he can control with his suit.

All in all, it's an inventive piece of fan art that we'd love to see on the big screen.

2 Vision


The live action version of Vision is an impressive achievement, as it manages to adapt a softened feel of the Vision without the vibrant garish comic book colors that would be so hard to reproduce faithfully.

Bright yellow, bright green, and magenta are definitely hard colors to pass off realistically in onecostume.

That being said, there is something vivid and gorgeous about Vision's original look.

This artist depicts the character in a somewhat realistic painting, similar to the popular Alex Ross.

Here, he's portrayed with shiny gold armor, which is appropriate given the fact that the character is an android.

While the muted colors of the movies work well for that medium, this shiner version of Vision is certainly a nice sight. He also looks a lot more threatening and powerful here.

1 Cat Avengers

Cat Avengers

We're not sure how effectively this artist's version of The Avengers could assemble — maybe we're just lucky that we got them all in the same frame at the same time.

Herding cats is one thing, but herding cats with powers, now that's a challenge.

On the bottom, from left to right, we have Loki and Thor sparring with each other, then Captain America and Bruce Banner, followed by Iron Man and Nick Fury.

Hanging above, we can see Agent Coulson holding Cap's shield with Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Judging by the setting and reflection of the building, this "photo" is probably in Stark Tower.

How did the Cat Avengers purchase real estate? They probably have a share of all of those cat videos on YouTube. Everyone loves cat videos.

If Marvel plays their cards right, they could be sitting on another goldmine.


What do you think of these fan redesigns of The Avengers? Which ones would you like to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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