'Captain America 3' Directors May Also Helm The Avengers 3 & 4

Captain America 2 Premiere - Official Anthony Joe Russo Photo

While promoting his new feature The Judge, Hollywood's highest paid actor Robert Downey Jr. has been generating a storm of headlines for Marvel movie fans over the last few weeks. Teasing the possibility of Iron Man 4, shooting that idea down and then revealing he's in negotiations for an extended role in other future Marvel movies, an announcement regarding RDJ's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was imminent. Today, that story broke.

Get ready for the Marvel Civil War.

A massive crossover story in Marvel Comics, the Civil War brought together most Marvel Comics series for a major event beginning in 2006 which pit Captain America against Iron Man over the rights of superheroes to keep secret identities and to be heroic without regulation. It ended, leading towards the "death" of Steve Rogers where The Winter Soldier later picked up his shield and star-spangled suit. It was a massive story and one that earned mainstream media attention for Marvel Comics long before Iron Man hit cinemas. It was also a story that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has expressed interest in adapting over the years. But would such a massive event story work in the MCU?

We're going to find out in May 2016, not long after The Avengers: Age of Ultron tears apart Earth's Mightiest heroes next year and after Ant-Man introduces a new hero to moviegoers. The big news today, as teased by Robert Downey Jr., is that Captain America 3 will feature Robert Downey Jr. in a major role and begin the movie universe's equivalent of the Civil War - no doubt building off the events of Age of Ultron. Look at what Marvel Comics is relaunching next year:

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