The Apprentice: Vic called it right

I've always said than I'll step up and admit when I'm wrong, and in this case there's just no better way to say it. I was wrong. I thought Amy would win The Apprentice, and the fact that she and Nick were fired Thursday kind of shot that theory right out the window. Vic wrote on this board back on April 1 that Bill would win this, and I am sure that he will turn out to be right.

Actually, what surprised me most was the fact that it took Trump this long to figure out that Amy has been riding somewhat on people's coattails and has an abrasive personality. I can't remember which of Trump's managers said this, but he said something like, "She would drive me insane after about three days."

There were three reasons I thought Amy would win:

- Good ideas -- she was to the women what Troy was to the men, and many of her ideas directly helped her team win. It wasn't until the final few weeks that the dents in the armor started to show.

- Her cutthroat nature -- while people such as Kristi were willing to fall on their swords, Amy had no trouble taking credit for other people's efforts, and she never accepted blame for her own mistakes. Whether you agree with that approach or not, the fact remains that it's hard to succeed in a high-level business position without a cutthroat nature.

- Lots and lots of good old-fashioned luck -- other than her firing session, she only had to defend herself in front of The Donald once. No other contestant could make that claim.

Now that it's down to Kwame and Bill, there's no doubt in my mind that Bill will win this. Kwame has made it much farther than he deserved, and he is no match for Bill's level head and action-oriented business sense. It was embarassing to watch Kwame just sit there while Omarosa ran his task (the Jessica Simpson concert) straight into the ground. Apparently he does not learn much from past experience.

Overall, I think it was a mistake for Trump to narrow it down to these two. If it had been between Amy and Bill, I think it would have been harder to call, but if Trump ends up choosing Kwame over Bill, he will prove the critics right -- he's a much better TV personality than he is a businessman.

The two-hour finale airs April 15 on NBC. Having to wait five months to find out if you won... how's that for torture?

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