The Apprentice Season 5 Finale: Anticlimactic


Not much to say about the final battle between Lee and Sean in the finale for the 2006 season of The Apprentice... they were both awesome competitors and both qualified for the job (does Lee make anyone else over the age of 30 feel indadequate?).

Anyway, I would have been happy with either one of them winning.

I think Lee really tanked on his last task... the choice of people to work for him was perplexing and he let his friendship with Lenny blind him to Lenny's inadequacies. In the meantime, Sean did indeed pick a "dream team", his selection making him worthy to win the title.

Oh well, it's not like Lee is gonna starve, right?

On a side note, I thought that Randal once again came off like a bonehead, with Trump introducing the guy and giving him props (no doubt due mainly to the fallout from last season's finale), and Randall takes the opportunity primarily to pimp his website. Yeesh.

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