The Apprentice Season 4: More Class, Less Profanity

Ah, the Fall TV season is on it's way... being more of a TV than movie watcher I'll have more to write about once again.

Season 4 of The Apprentice will soon be upon us, and in view of last seasons lower ratings, Donald Trump has decided to step up and act like a CEO in regards to production. Apparently last season Trump had made some suggestions as to who should be considered as candidates and ALL of his suggestions where disregarded. He ended up with a bunch of candidates that he wouldn't want working for him.

Although the idea of college vs. non-degreed seemed like a good idea (and one I suggested a couple of years ago), in reality (no pun) it didn't work out quite so well. In season 3 it seemed like part of the degree requirement at college was a course taught by "Miss Manners". For the most part the non-degreed folks came across as childish and foul-mouthed, while the college grads came across as much more sophisticated.

So this season "The Donald" has decided to drop the hammer: He hand picked 17 out of the 18 contestants, including one woman who the producers told him was "too beautiful", two ex-professional athletes, a Rhodes scholar with five degrees (I personally wouldn't bet on that guy), and an ex-stripper.

After last season I thought that perhaps The Apprentice had peaked in it's second season, but maybe there's some life left in the show yet.

Source: NY Times

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