The Apprentice: Reality sets in

Now that Bill has been chosen as The Apprentice and he has chosen to oversee the construction of a building in Chicago, one question has been going through my mind. When exactly does this project start?

Apparently, not anytime soon.

What The Donald ? didn't bother to tell his TV audience during the finale was that his Chicago construction project has yet to secure financing. The spinmeister swears up and down the project will happen, and that he has money people lining up outside his door waiting to get started.

In addition to the little detail about the project not getting off the ground, it is extremely unlikely that Bill, who has no real estate experience, will be given any significant responsibility. He had better hope his purported $250,000 annual salary is written down in a contract somewhere. Otherwise, that trademark smile of his may be diminishing over the next few months.

I'm starting to become more interested in Mark Burnett's other show, The Restaurant. How can you go wrong with a reality show (oops... unscripted drama) about a business that's being run straight into the ground? As the recent success of William Hung proves, Americans will take screw-ups over success stories any day of the week. For now.

Source: E! Online


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