The Apprentice & Omarosa: Is there no end?

Yes, I realize it's "unscripted drama" and not really "reality TV", but MAN... I just canNOT believe the behavior of Omarosa (aka "The Diva"). Please, someone tell me how she is close to completing a what, PHd? How in God's name has she achieved the (apparant) level of success in her life with her attitude and complete lack of work ethic????

There are a couple of things from last week's episode that left me slack-jawed:

1. Kwame's selection of her for his team. And not even as his last pick!

2. Omarosa's continual absolution of responsibility or fault when both are hers!

I honestly don't know which is bugging me more:

1. Omarosa's refusal to tell the group what the call at dinner was about.


2. The fact that Kwame did not press her to tell them what the call was about.


3. The fact that she completely lied about the phone call the next day. (Ok, this one was probably the topper)


4. The fact that Omarosa could state with a straight face that there was a "complete logisitics breakdown" when she was in charge of logistics!!!!!

Truly, a stunner of an episode.

Kwame is toast, at least as far as becoming "The Apprentice" but of course he has Plan B all sewed up in his back pocket already.

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