The Apprentice L.A. (Season 6) Jumps The Shark

I've always been a big fan of The Apprentice and in preparing to write this was suprised to find that we're already on the sixth season! Unfortunately I think that The Apprentice L.A. has jumped the shark this season.

I don't follow ratings very much, but from what I've heard last season's show slipped from previous years, so I suppose the producers thought it was time to throw some changes in the mix. In my opinion they've made the show at best silly and at worst just plain dumb.

Oh, the whole drama of trying to become the ultimate Type A personality is still there, but they've thrown some really odd stuff into the mix that really dilutes the core concept of the show, and unless they go back to basics next season (if there IS a next season) the ratings are only going to get worse.

Of course the biggest change was moving the show from New York City to Los Angeles. Not a brilliant move in my opinion. Even on TV the pulse and life of NYC comes across, while LA is so spread out and devoid of any real energy that it's just sad. Oh sure they've got the beaches and... um... what else do they have?

And now instead of having both teams live in some swanky accomodations, there was a task right off the bat which determined which team would get to live in a luxurious guest house and which team would have to live outside, in tents. This seems really ridiculous to me considering the end goal of this show is to have Trump hire someone to manage some huge project. Wouldn't he rather have everyone compete on a level playing field? I mean camping is uncomfortable enough, but to have to be ready to conduct corporate level business while living in this situation while the other team lives in luxury is just plain stupid if you're trying to evaluate all the contestants equally.

And then there is the new idea of having the winning project manager not only continue to be project manager, but to have them sit in on the firing session in the boardroom. How are other team members supposed to prove themselves in a leadership position? Having both George and Carolyn gone from the boardroom makes it seem like we're watching some other show.

Of course right in line with the whole "LA" thing, this week's episode featured Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion in LA, complete with a poolside party populated with tons of "bunnies".

Welcome to L.A.

I'll probably continue to watch this season, but I don't have high hopes that it will get much better.

At least I still have 24. :-)P

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