The Apprentice Is Back, And Extends It's Shark Jump

For the most part, it didn't work, and now with the show is veering further off into "shark" territory, I predict that the next season will be the show's last.

What's the new twist?

Celebrity contestants.


Let's see, if they stick to the previous format (and there's no guarantee they will), they'll have to find "celebrities" who can check out of their lives for approximately 12 weeks. So, do you think we'll be seeing any current A-List celebs competing?

I highly doubt it.

More likely it will be ex-famous actors whose current gigs include TV commercials, infomercials and TV retrospective specials. Rosie O'Donnell's name was bandied about in the press conference, but I can tell you two things:

1. There's no way she'll do it.

2. In the off chance that she does, I won't be tuning in. Even once.

Source: Zap2It

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