'The Amityville Horror' Getting Remade... Again?

The Amityville Horror is one of those classic horror flicks that just should never have been remade. No, it doesn't ruin the original per se, as it's not literally DOING anything to it and you can just ignore the remake and watch the one you know and love all you want. However, it hurts the name as those who only see the remake will wrongfully consider that as THE film. Its reputation is forever tainted by a remake that was nowhere near as good as it (personally, I HATED the 2005 remake).

However, did anyone think they would go back to the Amityville remake well again? If anything, I would have thought they'd just make a plain sequel to the 2005 film starring Ryan Reynolds. But that's not the case: According to sources of our friends at Bloody-Disgusting, the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films are planning yet ANOTHER remake of The Amityville Horror, one which will presumably (in the vein of The Incredible Hulk) pretend the last one doesn't exist.

Andrew Douglas was at the helm for the $100 million-plus box office grosser, and BD's sources say they may already have someone in talks to develop and (presumably) direct this new remake. No more information is available on the film, although if it turns out to be true, we'll probably hear word of more details soon. Stay tuned.

An interesting thing to point out is that MGM has different Amityville Horror rights, and were planning to develop The Amityville Tapes at some point (really?). However, with their recent financial troubles (that phrase doesn't begin to cover it), that has been put on the back-burner until it all gets sorted out. Besides, MGM has far higher priorities than some Amityville project - The Hobbit and James Bond, anyone?

I know I'm not gonna'  be the only one who thinks this, but I think this is a bad idea, for two reasons: the first is I don't think the original 1979 Amityville Horror needs anymore done to its reputation (how many people who just know the 2005 remake are even aware of the original? Not many, I suspect). And two, what's the point? At least in doing a complete REMAKE, as opposed to just doing a sequel of some sort (I know most of the sequels made already went straight-to-video, but still...). I could maybe understand them doing another in 26 years (the amount of time that passed between the original and the Ryan Reynolds one), but it's only been 5 years - what's the rush?

What do you think of Hollywood apparently doing yet another remake of The Amityville Horror? Is another one warranted, never mind as a remake? Did you like the remake that was made in 2005?

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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