The Affair Season 2 Finale: Murder in the First Degree

Alison confesses a dark truth to Noah at Cole's wedding during the season 2 finale for Showtime's The Affair.

The Affair Season 2 Finale - Noah

[This is a review of The Affair season 2 finale. There will be SPOILERS.]


Everything comes out in the open in The Affair season 2 finale, with Alison finally confessing her doubts about who exactly the father of their daughter might be. Per the norm, there are different scenarios to how this all plays out, but either way, this is one messed up family.

It's incredible how much drama a show like this can pack into one hour of television. If not for the superb actors inhabiting these bigger than life characters, the series could easily be written off as just another silly soap opera disguised as an award winning drama.

While the second season has stayed true to its "he said, she said" formula (mostly), it's becoming harder to find a reason to like any of these characters. For the most part they are all miserable people, but perhaps that's the point, like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The danger is there and you can see it coming a mile away, yet you still want to witness the collision. Well, we saw the collision this week and finally got some answers to how Scotty Lockhart died.

The Affair Season 2 Finale - Scott

Points of view are everything in the world of The Affair, but in the case of Noah's hit and run, the stories appear to stay similar even when we're looking through Alison's eyes. Both sequences show that Noah was in the passengers seat, with his ex-wife Helen driving. The one noticeable difference in the flashbacks was Alison's decision to come out of the bushes and reveal herself to Noah. In his version, we can see a figure, but it's difficult to make out a face. Noah now has to decide which love of his life he's going to save.

This is where the plot gets tricky. When we move to the "present day" courtroom scene, Noah's lawyer reveals Detective Jeffries' new evidence, which could place Alison at the scene of the crime. After learning of this news, Alison informs Noah that he must choose, since our weary author has no desire to place the blame on Helen. The issue is not really knowing where Noah's mind is at the time of the hearing. We know that Noah and Alison are together again before he's arrested back in season one, but does he still resent her for their daughter not being his? If so, then one would assume he would want to save Helen more.

The Affair Season 2 Finale - Alison

Another reason for Noah's sudden outburst in court could be linked to his therapeutic session he had a few episodes back. In what was probably the best 30-minutes of the entire series, Noah confesses his desire to not only be a good man, but a great man too. His "falling on his own sword" act seems like an attempt to do those things. His sacrifice will save two women that he cares about from a vehicular manslaughter conviction and the prison time that follows. So, is next season going to be The Affair meets Orange is the New Black? Only time will tell, but hopefully we won't get an entire season of Noah in prison.

Season two of The Affair was an uneven and jumbled mess; like the approaching storm we saw in the first episode while Noah drank his beer on the dock in Upstate New York, we just have to see the impending destruction. It's difficult to not become an addict of this show. Like Scotty, maybe it's finally time to go to rehab?

As always, we'd love to hear what you thought of this crazy season finale and share your predictions on where you think our cast of characters are going. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

The Affair will continue with a third season in 2016.

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