10 Things You Should Know About The Accelerated Man, Earth-19's Version Of The Flash

CW's The Flash has introduced alternate universe versions of Flash, including The Accelerated Man of Earth-19. Here's 10 facts and trivia about him.

Any longtime fan of DC Comics, the hit television show The Flash or superheroes, in general, will know that the multiverse is a huge component of the Arrowverse and DC Comics as a whole. This scientific theory is brought to life in the comics, presenting an infinite amount of universes filled with their own heroes and villains alike.

During The Flash on The CW, fans were introduced to a number of different Flashes across the multiverse. One such speedster was known as the Accelerated Man, the speedster of Earth 19. Here are ten things fans should know about this speedster.

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10 Speed Force Conduit

One of the first things fans should know is that The Accelerated Man is definitely a speedster connected to the Speed Force, aka a Speed Force Conduit. Throughout the comics and shows featuring this brand of metahuman there have been instances where people have gained their abilities unnaturally, from chemicals or devices throughout the years.

One instance of this was Velocity 9, when Eliza Harmon took the chemical concoction and developed the immoral personality Trajectory. However these solutions are never permanent and always have side effects. The Accelerated Man however is a natural Speed Force Conduit, making him much stronger.

9 From Steampunk Victorian Age England

Very little is known about who is behind the mask of The Accelerated Man. However the fact fans know he is from Earth 19 gives a bit of a glimpse about where he is from and who he is in relation to it. For instance, The Accelerated Man is from England, just not the England many know and think of today.

Earth 19 is a world described as “where the past thrives in the future”, in which England experienced an age of technological wonders under King George after the passing of Queen Victoria, making an advanced, steampunk era Victorian Age.

8 Earth 19’s Justice League

While not technically known as the Justice League, The Accelerated Man did have a group of heroes he worked with on Earth 19 to defend the world from emerging threats. Although others surely joined, there were a total of three other powered heroes and vigilantes who fought alongside him in battle.

There was the Bat-Man, a genius inventor and fighter who was of course the mirrored image of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. There was The Wonder Woman, known on Earth 19 as Diana Trevor. Then there was the Shrinking Man, a scientist who could change size like The Atom.

7 Fought War On Crime

The Accelerated Man had very few lines of dialogue in the comics, not much is known about his own personality. However part of the history fans do have on the character refers to the hero having a war on crime. This seems to speak to a more serious in tone version of the speedster of Earth 19.

While Barry Allen, aka The Flash of Earth 1, is known to fight many different forms of villains, his Rogues Gallery are normally superpower based villains or thieves and criminals with advanced weaponry, so The Accelerated Man’s war on crime sounds serious.

6 Learned Of Speed Force From Red Racer

The Accelerated Man’s origin did not include a direct line of communication or understanding with the Speed Force apparently. While a Speed Force Conduit, it wasn’t until the Red Racer, (a speedster named Ray from Earth 36), came along and asked for The Accelerated Man’s help that Earth 19’s speedster learned of the Speed Force and his connection to it.

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While The Accelerated Man seemed to gain his power from a mysterious electrical based accident, Red Racer helped the speedster to understand his power’s true origin and his connection to the Speed Force, a connection with the multiverse itself.

5 Speed Force Abilities

Much like the other speedsters who are connected to the Speed Force, The Accelerated Man is deeply connected to the abilities given to speedster by the all-powerful Speed Force. This includes a multitude of abilities, like phasing through solid objects, enhanced senses that allow them to perceive the world around them in a whole new light, and obviously super speed.

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Yet there is one ability that truly served a purpose when he was called upon to serve alongside Red Racer and the other speedsters during the Multiversity Event. This is known as the Infinite Mass Punch, or Super Punch.

4 Recruited By Red Racer To Battle Superjudge

One of The Accelerated Man’s most defining moments in the comic book world has to be when he was recruited by the Red Racer, the speedster of Earth 36, to join a growing legion of Flashes and other speedsters to take on the Superjudge. This being was also known as Nix Uotan, the last of the Monitors housed inside of the body of a teenager who turns into the Superjudge to protect the multiverse from threats.

However Nix was captured and corrupted by the forces of The Gentry during the event The Multiversity, becoming the Dark Monitor, a powerful foe.

3 Battled Inter-Dimensional Invaders The Gentry

One of the defining events for The Accelerated Man came in the course of fighting The Dark Monitor. After joining the other speedsters across the multiverse and delivering the Super Punch to break through the corrupted Monitor’s force field, he joined the speedsters and other heroes across the multiverse to battle the invaders known as The Gentry.

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The Gentry were horrific beings from outside the multiverse led by The Empty Hand, who seek to make the multiverse mirror their own horror. Although defeated, they returned to Earth 7 and made it their base of operations to build the Oblivion Machine.

2 Joined Justice Incarnate

After the final battle ended with The Gentry fleeing and being forced out of the multiverse, the heroes of the multiverse rejoiced and celebrated their victory. One thing the heroes agreed on is that The Gentry and other forces would always remain a threat to the existence of the multiverse, and a group would be needed to spearhead the effort to stop these threats.

This led to the creation of Justice Incarnate, a multiversal team of heroes who would come together to battle these threats. While The Accelerated Man returned to Earth 19, he remained on call to the team.

1 Makes Only Four Appearances In DC Comics

One of the biggest things fans need to know about The Accelerated Man is that so much is unknown about the hero’s origin because he has only made four appearances in the DC Universe. That’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things in the world of DC Comics.

The first two of course are the Multiversity Guidebook Vol 1 and The Multiversity Volumes 1 & 2. These are the events surrounding The Gentry and Dark Monitor. Then there was The Flash Volume 5 Issue #52, and The Flash Volume 5 Issue #58, making his time on page very minimal.

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