SR Pick [Video]: The A (B and C) Team

The A (B and C) Team

The good people over at College Humor always come up with parody gold when they spoof movies. The comedy group has done it again with a knock-off of the recent A-Team movie.

The premise for the video is that when you just can't afford The A-Team, there are other options. Of course, where there is an A-Team, there is most likely a B-Team. And where there is a B-Team, you can probably find a C-Team. Just when you think the video is going to end, it keeps going. That's the magic of it, really.

There is a subtle humor to the ridiculous nature of these teams. They are each perfect parodies of the most recent rendition of The A-Team. The farther you go down the alphabet, the more out of shape and pathetic the groups get.


My favorite part is the F-Team leader singing The A-Team's theme song. It is just so miserable that it's funny. As the video progresses, each theme song gets more amateur and simplistic.

If The A-Team was too excessive and bombastic for you, these guys are available for a more low-key job.

What did you think of the video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: College Humor

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