The A-Team Movie Script Update

A few days ago I posted a story that stated that John Singleton had just signed on to direct a film version of 1980's television show The A-Team. I also stated that the last time anyone heard about the project was a couple of years ago when James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein had been hired to write a script.

Now it seems that Feirstein's script has been tossed, and a new script has been written by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal, with revisions made by Michael Brandt and Derek Yuma.

According to the new script begins in Baghdad in 2003, and from what I read in the review it sounds like it has as much to do with The A-Team as a daytime cooking program.

According to MovieHole, Hannibal, Face and B.A are set-up by some villainous soldiers who stage a heist in a Baghdad museum. Face cuts a deal and is set free, while his two friends are sent to a military prison. However, while in prison Hannibal and B.A meet and befriend Murdock: a crazy Captain with a bipolar disorder. Following a prison break, they set out to get revenge and clear their names.

Now, let's get one thing straight, I'm no A-Team purist. I watched the show as a kid, and I've probably seen it four times in the last twenty years (yes, I'm that old), but this film sounds like it's just another example of stealing the name of a television show to help marketing the movie.

I can hear you scream about other shows that have been changed, but I feel that a film like Miami Vice stayed true to its television show roots, by keeping key elements and updating the show's style for a modern audience.

Even Starsky and Hutch stayed true to its origins. In fact, I feel that by making the film a comedy they were able to keep the original appeal of the show, because there have been so many "buddy films" since Starsky and Hutch ended on television.

From what MovleHole says, this film is aimed at The Fast and the Furious market, and they seem to have given no thought at all to fans of the show.

That's my rant. I'm sure that we'll find out more (bad) news soon.

What do you guys think?

Source: Moviehole

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