The A-Team Has A Release Date

The film adaptation of The A-Team has been in development for about a decade now. However, the John Singleton directed film finally has a release date.

So folks, get out your diary and pencil in June 12, 2009 as A-Team Day.

Just don't get too excited, the film might have a release date, but it does not have a cast. There is no A-Team!!

When John Singleton first came on board we have learned that Ice Cube was in negotiations to play B.A Baracus, and that Singleton would like to cast Woody Harrelson as Murdock. Then things went quiet.

Since the film was first in development everyone from Mel Gibson to Bruce Willis and George Clooney has been mooted to star as the team's leader Hannibal, but in the past few years there hasn't been any news on who might play the cigar chomping Colonel. Going by the standards of Hollywood today, they might even "go young."

Now with the release date things should begin to fall into place. This plan may finally be coming together.

The A-Team is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2009

Source: Variety

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