The 100: 10 Things That Need To Be Resolved In Season 7

The CW's The 100 has some loose ends to tie up and with only one season left, they need to be resolved in season seven...

The 100 is a dystopian future series on the CW Network. With the show is going into its seventh and final season, multiple things still need to be wrapped up before the series finale. From the moment the original delinquents landed on the ground, they had to make significant life or death decisions. From peace talks to war and beyond, their choices have lead to having to determine which lives were more important, innocent lives of people they never met, or the lives of their own. Clarke and Bellamy have lead Skaikru side by side from season one and onwards.

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Jordan Jasper Green was first introduced in the last few minutes of the season five finale. He is the first to wake up from cryosleep and the one to explain to Clarke and Bellamy that it had been one-hundred and twenty-five years since they left Earth. Jordan's background consists of him only interacting with his parents, Monty and Harper, in a peaceful environment. Never knowing the struggles of war and moral dilemma, he is dangerously unprepared going to Sanctum. Jordan latches onto Delilah, a young woman about to go through the Primes ritual. When she is body-snatched, Jordan is horrified and tries to insist that they fight to get Delilah back, but everyone is more interested in saving Clarke first. At the end of the sixth season, Jordan is standing with Sanctum residents and is holding a mind chip. It is unknown if he intends to do something with it, but there is a feeling of foreboding that comes with that moment.


The first time Octavia entered the Anomaly, it was to go after Diyoza. Octavia exits the Anomaly moments later, cleaned up, and without Diyoza. Gabriel had been curious about the Anomaly for years, and to his knowledge, no one had ever survived to come out, making Octavia the first one. At the end of the sixth season, Bellamy and Echo join Octavia and Gabriel to learn more about the Anomaly.

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Octavia activates it, and a woman, an older Hope, Diyoza's daughter, goes to Octavia and alludes that Diyoza is in trouble. Hope injures Octavia, sending her back into the Anomaly while Hope stays with Gabriel, Bellamy, and Echo.


The Anomaly is a sizable green vortex with unknown powers. After spending years on Sanctum, Gabriel's experience tells him that no one who has entered has ever come out, which makes Octavia a new asset to him. But since Octavia enters it dirty from head to toe and exits completely clean, it brings up the questions of what the Anomaly can do. Gabriel asks Octavia what she remembers from being inside, but she has no memory of it. When Hope joins Gabriel, Bellamy, and Echo, fully grown when they had last known her to be an unborn baby, it suggests the possibility of time travel.


The Flame has been a symbol of Grounder culture for years. People like Gaia rely on the Flame to live within the lead of the Commander, or Heda, and live to protect it. However, Sheidheda's possession of Madi had made the Flame too dangerous to the extent that Madi was dying from the implant. Gaia, who had lived for the importance of the Flame, is the one to make the call to remove and destroy it officially, Madi's life being more valuable.

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With Madi safe, the remaining Grounders may never have been told about the decision. Since it was not seen in the season six finale, they may not know yet, and it could cause great strife among the Grounders.


The Ark's air supply was failing. Primfaya destroyed nearly all of Earth, leaving only the Garden of Eden as a survivable environment. The bomb, Damocles, killed the valley and left the Earth completely uninhabitable. Clarke, Bellamy, and their friends took out the leaders of Sanctum after they had been body-snatching residents for centuries. After all of that, Clarke, Bellamy, and their friends deserve a place not just to survive but have a chance to live. With a mention of multiple other planets during "The Blood of Sanctum," there is a chance that there will be explorations to other places.


Being alive for hundreds of years had finally exhausted Gabriel and tired of stealing other people's bodies he had decided the best course of action would be to die eventually. Unfortunately, that plan does not work out for him, and he is brought back in the body of the young man, Xavier. While it turns out to be a significant development for Octavia, Clarke, and Bellamy, Gabriel had been ready and wanting to die. Due to the body count, the show tends to create; there is a chance he may finally be able to rest. However, now that Gabriel has an opportunity to explore the Anomaly, he may feel he has something he wants to live for.


The last time we saw Diyoza, she walked directly into the Anomaly pregnant with Hope. She is not seen again afterward for the rest of the season. Yet, a grown-up Hope makes an appearance at the end of season six with a message for Octavia. She hints that someone has her mother and sends Octavia back into the Anomaly. While Diyoza may have been problematic to the main characters during season five, she and Octavia allied in Sanctum. It would only be fair to learn what happened to her, given the circumstances in which she disappeared.


Spending over half the season fighting for her mind must have been exhausting enough, but to immediately follow it up with losing her mother could be enough to set her over the edge. Clarke wanted to honor Monty's advice to do better, but when the time came, she had to kill the Primes and their followers to save her people, even though she tried to keep the body count low. Going into season seven, Clarke had lost her mother, Kane, and almost lost Madi when Sheidhead's influence reigned inside Madi's head. Finally having a moment to breathe, Clarke can finally take a moment to grieve. However, there is no telling until the final season starts how all of this has affected Clarke.


Things have been rocky between Bellamy and Octavia during seasons five and six, even though they had not been exceptional in the few seasons before the fifth either. After years of considering Octavia to be his responsibility, Bellamy finally cut that cord loose in season six, deciding that while she was still his sister, she was no longer his responsibility. Octavia's desire to earn redemption for her choices the last few seasons has allowed a bridge to begin the healing in their relationship. However, with Octavia missing, lost somewhere in the Anomaly, their reconciliation has been placed on hold.


For centuries the Primes gathered information on who has Nightblood to determine which citizens are capable of receiving a mind chip. The years they spent doing this, the Primes convinced everyone that they were Gods and that the people whose bodies they had taken were still there somewhere. It is not until the Primes are outed by Bellamy and his friends that anyone realizes that their loved ones are dead rather than repressed or mixed in with someone they believe to be a higher being. By the end of the sixth season, Josephine and her mother are both dead. However, even after the fighting that happened, Sanctum's residents must move forward with the knowledge they have and how it will impact the future, including how they treat the show's main characters.

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