The 100 Season 5 Will Feel Like ‘There’s A Couple Of Different Shows Going On’

Bob Morley in The 100 Season 5

Season 5 of The 100 will start things off a little differently in the wake of the devastating season 4 finale, and that will make it feel like you’re watching a couple different shows, according to series co-star Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy. As fans of the series know, there’re plenty of changes in store for the survivors — on Earth and otherwise — when the new season kicks off, and those changes mean the characters won’t all be in contact with one another. 

Keeping the characters separated allows for the series’ reset to really sink in, as Bellamy and the space crew have been stuck on the space station for years, while Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has been making do down on terra firma with her new sidekick/adopted child Madi (Lola Flanery), and those stashed away inside the bunker have undergone some dramatic changes, too. Then there’s the threat of some unwelcome newcomers, led by Banshee star Ivana Milicevic as Charmaine Diyoza. 

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With that many groups having that many separate stories, Morley might be right in saying the new season feels a bit like “there's a couple of different shows going on.” But he’s quick to assure viewers that circumstances change pretty quickly. Morley spoke about The 100 season 5 during a set visit attended by Screen Rant. Morley said:

Eliza Taylor in The 100 Season 5

“This season feels like there's a couple of different shows going on because there's so many different groups and leadership groups, and [questions of] who's in charge of what and where. So it's interesting to see the power struggles between all the groups and actually who's really in charge. This season's been tricky for me what with Bellamy and him coming from the space crew and and knowing that he's got their backs and they have his but when they get back down to Earth that changes pretty quickly.”

Part of the fun in separating the various groups is seeing what happens when they eventually get back together. As Morley puts it, it’ll be something of a shock when he discovers what Clarke’s been up to all this time. 

“It's… obviously a huge shock, but [Clarke’s] also focused on her family unit, which is Madi. I have my space crew. They've really deviated in that sense. There's no longer this real community of The 100 it feels like. Everyone's got their people now and there's a lot of the 'My people, your people' stuff as per usual. But in this particular season it's very tentative as to who people are loyal to. So that kind of dictates where their relationship is and where it goes.”

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The 100 season 5 premieres tonight with ‘Eden’ @9pm on The CW.

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