The 100 Season 3 Trailer: War Has Come Again & No One Is Safe

The CW's action/sci-fi series The 100 has garnered quite a bit of critical attention over the course of its first two seasons. Following the surviving factions of the human race after a nuclear apocalypse makes Earth seemingly impossible to inhabit, those from the Ark space station send 100 teenaged delinquents down to the planet, where they're met by an unfriendly group of survivors known as Grounders. In season 2, the remaining Arkers crash landed on Earth, while those left of the 100 dealt with another group of survivors in a nuclear shelter in Mount Weather - with deadly results.

Season 3 will see Clarke (Eliza Taylor) adrift from the rest of the Arkers and the Grounders she called friends after the events of the season 2 finale. The teaser trailer for season 3 revealed Clarke would be hunted because of her actions. Now, The CW has released a full-length trailer for The 100's third outing, which offers fans a look at the primary conflict between the Arkers and Grounders in season 3.

The CW released the trailer (above) which features many characters dealing with the emotional fallout of the events at Mount Weather - specifically Jasper (Devon Bostick) and Monty (Christopher Larkin) who resided in the shelter for much of season 2. Additionally, an all-out war is brewing between the Arkers and Grounders over land, with viewers able to glimpse through shots of armies and battlefields full of the dead in the trailer. Plus, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) continues to learn about the City of Light, a supposed haven from the more unseemly elements of post-apocalyptic Earth.

Jason Rothenberg returns as showrunner for The 100 season 3, which sees the return of other main characters like Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Abby (Paige Turco), Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), and Murphy (Richard Harmon). New cast members joining The 100 in season 3 include Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy) as an anti-Grounder Arker named Pike and Zach McGowan (Black Sails) as a member of the Grounders called Roan.

The 100 Season 3 Trailer Clarke Eliza Taylor

The 100 has been praised throughout its first two seasons for crafting a morally gray reality that handles its subject matter without kid gloves, despite being a show technically geared toward a teenaged audience. As we can see from the full-length trailer for season 3, The 100 will allow its characters to feel the emotional weight of their actions in the aftermath of season 2 - even though it will pick up some months after where the previous year left off - specifically, Jasper's handling of his guilt concerning Mount Weather when talking to Clarke and Monty.

Additionally, although the upcoming large-scale action of The 100 will follow a similar path as previous seasons - which also saw varying factions of survivors battling for the right to continue living on Earth - season 3 will again give the conflict a human face by pitting characters against each other. In this case it seems to be Clarke and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), whose relationship ended badly in season 2 when the Grounder leader betrayed Clarke, as well as Octavia and Bellamy - whose differing loyalties will find them on opposite sides of the brewing Grounder/Arker war.

Of course, The 100 still seems to be sticking to some conventions of television aimed at teenagers as the romantic relationships of the series are featured in their own series of scenes in the full-length promo. However, as indicated by the trailer, it seems they will be developed alongside the larger storyline and other types of relationships that will also be explored in the show. All in all, this season 3 trailer promises a bigger conflict, stronger emotional grounding, and even more world-building as Arkers explore the Earth when The 100 returns in January.

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The 100 season 3 premieres Thursday January 21st, 2016 at 9pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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