'The 100': Love Is Weakness

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[This is a review of The 100 season 2, episode 9. There will be SPOILERS.]


After a gut-wrenching midseason finale that forced Clarke to murder her friend/lover Finn Collins, one would think The 100 would give us a slight reprieve to catch our collective breaths, but creator Jason Rothenberg had other plans in store for his faithful viewers.

'Remember Me' puts the ghost of Finn front and center, with his haunting visage following Clarke wherever she goes. The memory of this young man's death is still too near for Clarke to handle. Only an intimate conversation with the grounder commander Lexa helps the lovely blonde cope with her loss.

Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa) showed their maturity as actors this week, each delivering an incredible performance. These two women have both experienced tremendous loss in their lives, and even though Lexa claims that forgetting love altogether will help ease her pain, surely that's not the last time we'll see Clarke open her heart? Only time will tell.

In this heartfelt exchange, we are also given more context into this new Earth that the sky people and grounders inhabit. According to Lexa, there is a woman out there called the "Ice Queen" who killed her beloved. Presumably, this queen still exists, so do you think we'll see her, or any other tribes outside of the grounders, mountain men and reapers?

For those of you who have read Kass Morgan's book, then you probably already know the answer, but outside of the group of people living in the desert that Jaha ran into, the rest of the planet is still one big mystery.

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Back at Mount Weather, Jasper and Monty search for their missing friend, while also trying to find a way to get a signal out to Clarke and the rest of The Ark's survivors. It was sad seeing Monty caged like that, since he and Jasper are one of the few sources of comic relief on this show.

After finally getting the signal to work, it appears that Lexa and Clarke are going to mount an assault on the underground installation. A large-scale battle will undoubtedly have casualties, so who's going to make it out alive?

This week's episode proved once again that The 100 isn't afraid to ask the tough questions that we all hope we never have to answer. For Clarke, her burden is now carrying the weight of killing a close friend. Even her mother (Abigail) came to a harsh realization that she and her daughter are a lot alike. Both have had to sacrifice those they love for the "greater good." Now they must work together to discover if all this pain and suffering was worth the cost.

Complex relationships like these are not easy to execute on television, or any other form of visual media. The 100 deserves more praise than it's getting for the risks the writers are willing to take on a week-to-week basis. How do you feel 'Remember Me' measured up to the rest of the series? Stay tuned to see what happens next.

The 100 continues with 'Survival of the Fittest' next Wednesday @9pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:


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