The 100: 10 Most Heartbreaking Losses On The Show

The 100 Cast Season 2

Six seasons into The 100, fans know not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Tragedy follows the main characters like their own personal rain clouds. The 100 focuses on what’s left of humanity as they attempt to make sure the human race continues to survive.

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Through old space stations, radiation soaked planets, and the dark side of human nature, conflict followed the main characters. There has been a lot of loss on The 100, but these ten losses caused the most heartbreak.

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10 Delilah

Though Delilah only appeared in a few episodes as herself in season six, she made quite an impression. As a “host,” her body became the vessel for Priya’s mind drive. Before that, however, she became close with Jordan Green.

Delilah was clearly suspicious about becoming the host of a Prime. After hearing Jordan talk about the sleeping inhabitants of the spaceship, she had one request of him. She didn’t want to become just a “face behind the glass.” Unfortunately for Delilah, that’s exactly what happened. When Priya took over her body, no trace of the girl born into it remained.

9 Finn

Finn In The 100 Season 2

For some viewers, Finn’s death was well earned. He destroyed an entire Grounder village on a quest to find Clarke, though the Grounders he targeted had nothing to do with her. His death was justice for his crimes.

That being said, his death is one of the most heartbreaking in the series for Clarke and Raven to deal with. Raven hadn’t been on Earth long when she discovered Finn cheated on her with Clarke. Then, she had to witness Clarke take his life. It nearly destroyed her. Likewise, Clarke took the responsibility of ending Finn’s life because she didn’t want him to suffer at the hands of the Grounders, who wanted revenge. It was one of the first hard decisions Clarke shouldered.

8 Maya

When several members of The 100 found themselves held captive at Mount Weather, Maya was a friendly face. Unfortunately, Maya’s time with the series was short. Unlike most of Mount Weather’s inhabitants, Maya thought what her people were doing was wrong. Maya didn’t believe that people should be held and used against their will. She was a dreamer who longed to see the beauty of the world outside. 

That’s why her death hit the show so hard. Maya knew that Clarke’s plan would destroy her people. She accepted it. Maya even accepted that she, too, would be destroyed, though Jasper and Monty wanted to find a way to save her. Her death wasn’t a mercy, like Finn’s. Instead, it was painful, not to mention difficult for Jasper to understand.

7 Jasper

Jasper In The 100 Season 4

Jasper was never the same after losing Maya. That was the moment he realized the price of surviving on the ground might be too high for humanity.

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When the end of the world loomed, Jasper decided he wanted to go out on his own terms. He didn’t want his lifespan determined by his worth for the next generation. He opted to stay behind at Arkadia and choose how he died instead of trying to find a way to survive the coming radiation. It was heartbreaking for the fans who loved Jasper, but at least he was one of the few characters who got to choose his own path.

6 Lincoln

Lincoln In The 100 Season 2

Lincoln and Octavia was the fan-favorite couple no one saw coming. When he held her in a cave at their first meeting, a lot of fans thought he would evolve into an enemy instead of an ally. Instead, he became Octavia’s first love and attempted to make peace between the Grounders and the people from the sky.

Lincoln had the misfortune of being a Grounder when Pike garnered a lot of favor amongst Arkadians. Pike blamed the Grounders for all the trouble they faced on Earth. He was repeatedly thwarted by those who disagreed with his methods. Pike made an example out of Lincoln, executing him while Octavia watched.

5 Kane

Kane In His Final The 100 Appearance

Marcus Kane went from being a possibly corrupt official to the moral compass of the show. He was often the voice of reason for his people, convincing them to try to do the right thing instead of the violent thing. Season five saw him suffer fatal injuries and end up in stasis until season six.

Unfortunately for Kane, when he woke up, he was no longer in his own body. Abby used the technology of the Primes’ memory drives to place his mind in a new body. Feeling like an accessory to murder, and accepting that his time was up, Kane chose to end his life. He wanted his people to live their own lives, not steal someone else’s. Kane went out with his moral compass firmly intact.

4 Lexa

Alycia Debnam-Carey As Lexa In The 100

The first Grounder Commander fans met did more than just inspire armies. She also stole Clarke Griffin’s heart. Clarke had been through so much as the leader of her generation that her getting to take a breather and fall in love was a welcome change of pace for the show.

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When Lexa actress Alycia Debnam-Carey nabbed a lead role in Fear The Walking Dead, however, the character was written out of the show. She left via a bullet meant for someone else. Her accidental death didn’t sit well with fans. A young woman who commanded her people with strength and force losing her life by an accident was particularly heartbreaking.

3 The Culling On The Ark

The 100 Twilights Last Gleaming S1E05

When The 100 premiered, the titular teenagers were sent to Earth instead of being floated for their crimes. It was a way to alleviate some of the pressure on the Ark’s resources and see if the Earth was viable again. Sending 100 kids to Earth wasn’t enough relief for the Ark, however. An air leak in one area, and too many people on the space station, meant a lack of air for the population, let alone other resources.

That’s where the Culling came in. Leaders initially wanted to cut off a whole section of the Ark, but Abby and others convinced them to allow people to volunteer to save their people. More than enough inhabitants of the Ark volunteered to sacrifice themselves so that their children could live a little longer. The Culling marked the first huge sacrifice of the show, and it was a sign of things to come.

2 Abby

Abby In The 100 Season 5

The show’s resident doctor, Abby spent her time on the show primarily patching people up from injuries and planning for the worst. She watched her daughter march off to a fight over and over again. Season six forced her into an impossible situation.

Abby turned members of Planet Alpha’s population into Nightbloods so the Primes could have more hosts. She had to use Madi to do it, and eventually couldn’t anymore without killing her. Abby turned herself into a Nightblood to use her own body to create serums instead. That move saved Madi’s life, but it cost her her own. Russell made Abby the next vessel for his wife. When Clarke discovered her mother was already gone, she killed the woman using her mother’s body, along with most of the other Primes.

1 The Earth

Clarke And Bellamy View The Planet In The 100 Season 5 Finale

All of the losses on this list have been human ones, but this might be the most heartbreaking loss of all for the show. The entire run of The 100 has been about a small group of people just trying to find a way to survive. After finally attempting to make peace between all parties involved on Earth, one antagonist ruined it for everyone.

The planet was already radiation soaked with a single area having plant and animal life. That area suffered from a bomb thanks to the events of season five, causing everyone to give up the planet they’d fought so hard to live on. For a show about finding a home and surviving, the loss of the planet hits hard.

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