The 100: The 5 Best Couples (& The 5 Worst)

Based on the young adult novel series with the same name, The 100 has been around for five years and is currently going 6 seasons strong. We've been holding our breaths ever since the group of youths has been dropped in the now harsh environment of Earth. We've suffered with them and for them, and each new season brings along its fair share of mystery, drama, and, of course, romantic tension.

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Our favorite brave adventurers have seen some terrible things. Some of them didn't survive to tell the tale, while others are still going strong. As it would be expected when you drop 100 teenagers in any environment - even an incredibly hostile one - the sparks of love and lust are bound to start popping up everywhere. The 100 blessed us plentifully on this matter, and we've seen couples come and go at the speed of light throughout the entire run of the show.

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10 Worst: Clarke & Finn

It's hard to find a soul out there that enjoyed watching the relationship between Clarke and Finn develop into a romantic one. While Clarke has been involved with her fair share of partners, these two just lacked chemistry, and it just seemed like they were pushed together because it looked good on paper.

The love triangle that eventually emerges when Finn's girlfriend lands on Earth is messy and uncalled for, and Finn's behavior towards Clarke screams obsessive and erratic. Out of all the romantic partners Clarke has been linked within the show, Finn is by far the least compatible and undesirable.

9 Best: Octavia & Lincoln

Octavia and Lincoln's relationship made history on the show for being the first one depicting a romantic link between a Grounder and one of the Sky people. Besides, it was always wonderful to witness the deep connection between the two, and the impact Lincoln's presence had on Octavia, acting almost as her guiding light.

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The two proved time and time again how far they were willing to go for each other, and it was just as heart-warming witnessing Octavia and Lincoln take care of each other as it was heart-shattering to see them apart and suffer because of their love. Lincoln's death was one of the saddest we were forced to witness, but his relationship with Octavia will remain in our memory as one of the purest and most beautiful on the show.

8 Worst: Raven & Finn

It's bad enough that Raven was forced into a love triangle because Finn fell in love with Clarke in the first place. The cheating was awful and grants these two a spot on the list of the worst couples to exist on the show. Raven and Finn as romantic partners could have been something if it wasn't for this unnecessary Twilightesque twist, that sent Finn into the arms of someone he had no chemistry with (and it's hard for someone like Clarke to lack chemistry with another character on-screen).

It doesn't help that his character development took a turn for the worse when he started using violence and killed almost two dozen unarmed people in his quest to find Clarke - the same person he cheated on Raven with, and who was oh so apologetic when he was reunited with her. It's just safe to assume Finn wasn't good for anyone he was paired with on the show, and his death wasn't received with much grief by fans.

7 Best: Clarke & Bellamy

The relationship between Clarke and Bellamy is a strong one, forged through friendship and trust. Although these two aren't a romantic couple in the show, their relationship is one of the most beloved by fans of The 100, who simply cannot wait to see these two follow the path of their characters in the books in at least one way - you know, in the way that they are engaged!

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Even though it's a strictly platonic thing, these two have shared more chemistry and romantic tension than many pairs on the show who were actually supposed to be linked in that way (yes, Clarke and Finn comes to mind immediately). When in season 4 Clarke breaks down when making the decision on which 100 people should go on the list of those to be saved, she puts down Bellamy's name. Once he sees this, he refuses to go unless her name is written along with his - something he does with no shred of hesitation, proving the beautiful and powerful bond the two share.

6 Worst: Raven & Shaw

This show is known for continuously killing off major characters, in almost the same heartbreaking fashion as Game of Thrones has gotten us accustomed with. This means that, inevitably, new characters will be introduced and the main characters that remain will get most of the screen time, while the new ones have the necessary time to be introduced, and those who weren't so important in the beginning tend to be forgotten by the showrunners.

Now, there's nothing particularly terrible about Raven and Shaw's relationship. The problem with these two is that they suffered from the show's decision to further develop other character's storylines in a much deeper fashion, making the relationship between these two characters seem unbelievably rushed, forced, and overall hard to root for. We absolutely love it when two "enemies" end up falling in love with each other - but we need time to let things develop and make them believable!

5 Best: Kane & Abby

In a show ruled by teenagers, it's a breath of fresh air to see more mature couples as well - after all, love isn't exclusive to a certain age group, and we couldn't be happier the show decided to depict that through Kane and Abby. Granted, as individuals, they have developed into very different people from the ones that were first introduced to us in the first season of The 100, but their relationship was a great one to see blossom.

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The two always had a little something going on, and it was clear from the very beginning. We finally saw them give in to the attraction in season 3, when Abby kisses him for "hope", and when Kane saves her life, against her will but keeping her best interests in mind, it just added another wonderful layer to their relationship.

4 Worst: Octavia & Ilian

Lincoln and Octavia fans weren't exactly happy with the new pairing. It's not that they don't think Octavia deserves to find love again after tragically losing Lincoln, but the way it was done didn't leave much room for her relationship with Ilian to be enjoyed as fully as it had the potential to be. Putting two characters together just because they seem to share the same level of messed up and demons tends to be a recipe for disaster.

Besides, the fact that they had Octavia and Ilian have sex when she was clearly in pain was completely uncalled for. The two don't even share that much chemistry together, they seem to have more dislike for each other than anything else, and it just seems a bit too forced on the part of the showrunners. Again, if they had had more time to develop on-screen as a couple, perhaps this could have been different. As it is, however, just doesn't work.

3 Best: Miller & Jackson

They aren't exactly major characters in the overall scheme of things, but Miller and Jackson's relationship did a wonderful job at melting everyone's hearts. Sometimes a love story can be portrayed as so unbelievably pure that it overshadows other plot points that should be considered super important, and for many people, that happens for Miller and Jackson.

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It was obvious throughout the fourth season of the show that these two felt something for each other, something that went way past the realms of friendship. When Miller told Jackson he loved him at the beginning of season 5, no one could remain indifferent even if they tried to. The actors have beautiful chemistry and not a single thing about these two seems forced.

2 Worst: Bellamy & Echo

This whole relationship just doesn't sit well with fans. Not because it's terrible, it's just because it's so very...meh. It's lukewarm, it came out of pretty much nothing, the substance just isn't there. Bellamy and Echo just seem like a whole lot of nothing. The showrunners didn't put much effort into making us care about Echo and none at all in making us care about her relationship with Bellamy.

Besides, just as it happens with many couples on the show, the relationship between these two is too forced to come off as anything special. The realness and rawness, along with the chemistry that usually makes us root for a couple aren't a part of Bellamy and Echo at all. All in all, it was just sort of there for the sake of being there, and that usually doesn't make a very solid foundation for an interesting relationship that fans care for.

1 Best: Clarke & Lexa

These two will forever be the relationship on the show. Fans are still mourning the loss of Lexa, and consequently, the loss of the beautiful relationship she shared with Clarke. The trope of former antagonists that end up falling in love is an all-time favorite, but it needs to be executed to perfection. Thankfully, the showrunners hit the nail on the head with Clarke and Lexa, and made for one of the most iconic couples on TV.

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on these two, who joined forces, and through love managed to make peace happen between their respective people. Lexa's death marked Clarke deeply and forever, and although she had to move on as a character, the love story will live forever in her, as well as in our hearts.

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