15Raven went to the same high school as Zack Morris

Raven and friends went to Bayside High School, a fictional school in San Francisco, California. They were represented by their mascot, a barracuda, and their basketball team was called the Bayside Barracudas.

The set and school name are actually the same in the comedy TV show Saved By the Bell (1989-1992).

The connection between the two shows is further referenced during the episode “Double Vision,” during which Raven kisses a character  who looks an awful lot like the Saved By the Bell character Zack Morris.

However, while That’s So Raven’s Bayside High is in San Francisco, the Bayside High in Saved By the Bell is located in Palisades. This connection may be because both shows were written by Michael Poryes.

iCarly also appeared to have the same set, though it is not called Bayside High.

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