That's right Halle, it's all about you

Seems like Halle Berry is done playing superheroes who have limited speaking skills (BTW, this photo is one of the few I could find from Catwoman that I'd consider appropriate):

"After playing Storm in 'X-Men' and now Catwoman, I think my comic book hero days are probably over."

"That's unless I was lucky enough to play Catwoman again. I would love to do that. But other than that, I think I've pretty much done it."

I just find it amusing that she'd be willing to play Catwoman again... I mean it was so much fun and empowering for her. It's irrelevant that Catwoman has only earned $31 million worldwide so far and it cost $100 million to make. Maybe they'll make another one just to keep her happy...

BTW, both X-Men movies were wildly successful despite her presence, not due to it.

I think it would be a bonus if they kept her off of X-Men 3. Then again, there's no guarantee it will be any good now that Bryan Singer has signed on to do Superman.


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