'That Awkward Moment' Green Band Trailer is Still Quite Rude

Zac Efron and Imogen Poots in 'That Awkward Moment

The Grumpy Cat movie might still be in early development, but another flick that's also named after an internet meme will soon be arriving to warm up the cold winter months with comforting warmth of penis jokes. Romantic comedy That Awkward Moment stars Zac Efron (Parkland), Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) and Miles Teller (21 & Over) as three best friends who... well, hang out. They do stuff. They go to parties. They date girls. They talk about life and stuff. Dude stuff.

Honestly, it's a little difficult to tell exactly what That Awkward Moment is about, even with the new green band trailer shown above, beyond the basic premise of three men in their twenties who are still trying to figure out women. The comedic tone is somewhere between Superbad and American Pie, but whereas the former was about a crazy adventure to try and buy booze for a party and the latter was about a group of friends who pledge to lose their virginity, That Awkward Moment is a little more tricky to pin down.

Although there are some funny moments in this trailer, as there were in the red band version, the main concern with That Awkward Moment is that it doesn't appear to have much of a plot - not even a flimsy romcom plot. It promises a representation of modern relationships from the perspective of three dudes, but it's hard to pick out exactly what the driving force behind the story will be. For example, here's the official synopsis:

"Three best friends find themselves where we've all been – at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide 'So…where is this going?'"

The basic premise sounds like it could constitute a single episode of Sex and the City, and however good the banter between Efron, Teller and Jordan might be, That Awkward Moment will need a little more to keep audiences engaged throughout a feature-length film. Perhaps the secret ingredient will be the penis jokes, because the first two trailers alone have already showcased a number of comedy setpieces based around the contents of our heroes' unmentionables.

Plenty of movies have pulled off a meandering narrative quite well, particularly in the indie genre, and perhaps That Awkward Moment will be able to pull it off as well. Let's hope so, because complaints aside this movie looks like it could be hilarious. Tell us what you think of this slightly tamer trailer in the comments.


That Awkward Moment arrives in US theaters on January 31st, 2014.

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