'That Awkward Moment' Red-Band Trailer: Efron, Teller, & Jordan Get Raunchy

That Awkward Moment- Trailer No. 1

Whoever gave That Awkward Moment its title must be a genius. The meme-derived name fits perfectly, not just as a description for the film's bawdy content but for the intersection between it and its cast of proven, gifted young actors. Not for nothing, but it's worth wondering what, exactly, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and Zac Efron are all doing in this movie; there's a sense that they could be on the set of a high-minded indie production doing nobler things with their time than making Viagra jokes.

Yet here they all are in the NSFW trailer (above), doing exactly that as a freshening up course following their individual work on movies like The Spectacular NowFruitvale Station, and Parkland. Maybe they're just unwinding after putting a great deal of energy and emotion into those projects (and others), maybe That Awkward Moment was in the can before any of the other pictures were ever shot; either way, they're all gathered together here, for better or for worse.

That doesn't make it any less weird to see them starring in a movie that looks this naughty. The premise is simple enough: three best bros forever all dedicate themselves to the single life after one of them, Mikey (Jordan), goes through a nasty breakup with his girlfriend. But things get messy when the other two, Jason and Daniel (Efron and Teller), suddenly find themselves in relationships of their own (with Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas) after long nights of hard-drinking, hard-partying, and...well, we'll just leave it at that.


It's a romantic comedy told from the perspective of the men, and from the looks of it, it's also the precise sort of picture that gets programmed by its studio for release in the January dumping ground. The only thing that lends interest to That Awkward Moment is its leading men; the jokes here succeed, but mostly on the backs of delivery and chemistry rather than clever writing.

Their presence adds a layer of novelty to the film, because let's face it, at this point in their careers (particularly Jordan and Efron), none of these guys needs to be bothering with stuff that's this lowbrow. That is, of course, what makes the movie noteworthy - Teller and Efron don't need to plank across a toilet for a laugh, much less while they're in the buff. (It's worth pointing out that this is the second lewd comedy Efron has on his upcoming slate, coming before May's Neighbors.) The fact that they're doing just that says something, though it's real hard to tell what.

Could That Awkward Moment be a rare gem of a vulgar romantic comedy? It's possible. Talented performers can take a movie anywhere. We'll have to see where Teller, Efron, and Jordan take That Awkward Moment after New Year's.


That Awkward Moment debuts in US theaters January 31st, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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