That ‘70s Show: 10 Times It Broke Our Hearts

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Throughout its eight seasons, That '70s Show was known as one of the funniest sitcoms on television. To this day, over a decade after it wrapped up its 200-episode run, it is still quotable and hilarious. The series also helped launch the careers of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, and others.

While most of us sit back and remember the good times we had with these characters, they also knew how to hit us right in the feels. There were a handful of emotional moments as the characters dealt with heartbreak, death, abandonment, and more. Here are the 10 most emotional times That '70s Show broke out hearts.

10 Red Hugs Hyde

Throughout most of the first season, viewers came to know Steven Hyde as the rebellious member of the gang. His lack of parental guidance was hinted at, but when we discovered that they actually abandoned him, it was heartbreaking. The Formans stepped in and welcomed Hyde as a member of their family.

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Hyde eventually opted to move back in with his father Bud after a while. Red had grown close to Hyde, though he's not a man known for showing his feelings. But when Hyde said goodbye, Red pulled him into a silent hug. After several viewings, this moment still gets to us.

9 Kitty's Grief

An early storyline of That '70s Show was that Red's mother and his wife didn't get along. His mom was overly harsh and critical when it came to Kitty and it caused stress on the entire family. But when she died, it caused an emotional response from everyone.

Red bottled it up as expected, while Eric lashed out at those around him. But it was Kitty who hit viewers the hardest. To deal with the loss, she kept herself busy by constantly cooking and baking everything in the house. She eventually ran out of items and broke down into the arms of her family.

8 Leo Leaves

When Hyde lived with the Formans, he got a job at the Photo Hut to help them out. While there, Hyde formed an immediate bond with his boss Leo. The two stoners became inseparable and there were moments where you could tell that they viewed each other as family.

At one point, Leo even gifted Hyde his old car because his own children didn't talk to him. So it was devastating when Hyde discovered that Leo left town and didn't say goodbye. Once again, Hyde found himself abandoned by a father figure.

7 Second Choice

The relationship between Eric and Donna was a driving force throughout the series. Their breakup throughout Season 4 was genuinely hard to watch for fans of the couple. By the end of the season, Donna realized that they should be together and asked Eric to resume their relationship.

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At first Eric agreed and the two shared a kiss. But then he pulled away and declined because he didn't want to be Donna's second choice. She expressed that it wasn't the case, but Eric noted how she only returned to him after her other relationship failed. It was another stab to the heart for a couple that should've been together the whole time.

6 One Last Circle

Season 8 of That '70s Show is widely considered to be the worst of the series. Not having Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher around made it feel less like the show we had come to love after nearly a decade. However, both actors returned for a series finale that wrapped things up on a strong note.

With the whole gang back together, they headed down to Eric's basement to do the one thing they always loved. They took part in the "circle." It was the TV-safe term used for when the characters sat in a circle and smoked pot. What made this scene so sad was watching everyone get up and run up the stairs one last time as the clock was about to strike midnight and turn to the 1980s. That was the last we'd ever see of these characters.

5 Midge Is Gone

Midge was a character mostly used for comedic relief. She played the role of the ditz more often than not and she was someone that the boys in the gang had mild crushes on. Midge's biggest moments came when she stood up to her husband Bob as a woman looking to do more than be a housewife.

But then Midge walked out on her family with no explanation. Bob refused to accept the truth, so Red had to snap him out of it, which isn't' something Red would typically do. Their emotional back and forth was difficult enough. But when Red threw away the chocolates Bob bought for her and Bob finally accepted that Midge wasn't coming back, it was tragic.

4 Red Loves Eric

Eric constantly groans about how hard Red is on him throughout the series. To be fair, he's not entirely wrong as Red can be an emotionally unavailable, stubborn, and tough father. Moments of sincere affection were rare for Red Forman, but we finally got one near the end of Season 7.

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Eric decided to temporarily move to Africa as a teacher. Just before he heads out, Red tells him that he loves him. When Eric questioned him about it, Red simply said, "Have a nice trip." When pressed further, Red just said, "You heard me." It broke out hearts but in a good way.

3 Eric's Memories

Following their highly emotional breakup to close out Season 3, the relationship between Eric and Donna was at the forefront of the Season 4 premiere. The episode played off of A Christmas Carol, with Eric visited by an angel and seeing visions of what his life would be like without Donna.

No matter how bad things got, and they were truly bleak at times, Eric was adamant that he was right. It was better to never have loved Donna than to feel the pain he experienced when they split. Just as the angel goes to grant him his wish of making it so he never met Donna, Eric got a wave of memories of them together. He frantically stopped the angel and chose to keep his memories.

2 "Yeah, Well I Don't Love You."

One of the best romances in the show was that of Hyde and Jackie. It was hinted at during the early seasons before becoming a real thing in Season 5. The two were polar opposites but ultimately made each other better. Unfortunately, they crushed our hearts near the end of the season.

Hyde thought Jackie was hooking up with Michael, so he opted to sleep with a nurse he met. When he found out that nothing happened between Jackie and Michael, he admitted what he did to Jackie. Hyde explained himself and apologized profusely. His final attempt was a heartfelt, "Jackie, I love you." Her response of, "Yeah, well I don't love you," still breaks our hearts.

1 The Breakup

Donna and Eric had a pretty smooth sailing relationship for the first few seasons. Outside of a few small fights, nothing major came between them. Then Donna got a job at a radio station and that became her focus. To get her back to taking the relationship seriously, Eric got her a promise ring.

Donna accepted it but was less happy about it when she uncovered the meaning of a promise ring. It led to an emotional confrontation about what their future held. By the end, Donna gave Eric back his ring and the two were officially broken up. The tears in their eyes were only matched by those watching it all unfold at home.

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