That ‘70s Show: 10 Questions About Eric Forman, Answered

That 70's Show was a huge part of the television viewing habits of kids growing up in the early 2000s. The series ran for eight seasons, following a group of high schoolers dealing with the assorted issues of growing up in 70's Americana. The show has since become a cult classic with many actors that got their start on the series going on to become major stars.

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Eric Forman was more or less the main lead of the show and the guy whose home life we explored the most in every episode. Here are 10 major questions about the character that you need to know:

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10 Where Does Eric Live?

Eric, along with his friends and family, lives in Point Place, Wisconsin. In many ways, it is the idealized version of the American suburbs community that existed in the 70s. Rather unexpectedly, it was established during one episode that the economy of Point Place is largely built around slaughtering animals. As with any other young group of friends, Eric and the gang dream of leaving behind the confines of their small-town homes and exploring the bigger world out there.

9 Who's His Bestie?

It can be debated who gets to be named Eric's best friend. Donna was his next-door neighbor who was close friends with Eric before the two had a fling which turned into a serious relationship. Fez and Kelso were also close friends with Eric who would often cajole the often straight-laced teen into getting into all kinds of trouble with them.

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In general, however, perhaps Eric's closest friend was Hyde, a rebellious teen whose friendship with Eric was as unexpected as it was strong. The two have been through a lot together, and Hyde even views Eric's parents as his own after coming to live with them for a period before being officially adopted by them.

8 Is Eric Really As Innocent As He Looks?

While Eric comes across as a wide-eyed innocent at first glance, that is actually far from the case. He prefers to keep his wild side under wraps, to be revealed only to his friends, but Eric Forman can be just wild, sleazy, and irresponsible as his more obviously delinquent friends. He has always taken part, sometimes with initial reluctance before capitulating fully, in all the hare-brained schemes his friends cook up, and Eric's basement was the unofficial epicenter for a lot of the craziest stunts Hyde and Kelso pulled off.

7 Is He A Nerd Or A Jock?

Eric has a pretty skinny physique, a fact that is often commented upon and mocked by his friends. He is also very knowledgeable about Star Wars, often comparing himself to Luke in tricky situations. The Geek/Nerd stereotype did not really exist back in the '70s, but since the show was actually made in the nineties with the benefit of hindsight, Eric's character was modeled along the lines of the popular nerd stereotypes of the day.

6 Sounds Like A Pushover. Is He A Pushover?

But despite his lack of muscle and love for science fiction and video games, Eric is not a pushover. Sure, he's a pretty peaceful guy who can even come across as a coward on some occasions. But that only lasts until you threaten his loved ones. This part of his personality is known as 'The Forman Rage,' since it is apparently hereditary. Time and again, Eric has displayed this rage against bullies, random drunks, and even his own father once. In this state, Eric proceeds to completely dominate his opponent until they are forced to back off.

5 Who's His One True Love?

Donna Pinciotti has remained his one true love over the years. As is inevitable with any long-time TV couple, the two have had their share of falling out and being interested in someone else. But in the end, it is always each other that the two are most attracted to. Donna figures largely in every naughty fantasy that Eric has and Donna has nursed a crush on Eric ever since they were kids playing together.

4 What's The Worst Thing He's Ever Done?

Eric has done a lot of terrible things in the past. These range from milder delinquent behavior indulged in with his friends to actual criminal behavior for which he narrowly escaped punishment.

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As Eric grew older, he became much more snarky and selfish than he had previously been. But perhaps the worst thing he ever did was develop cold feet a day before his wedding to Donna and abandoning her at the altar. Sure, he came back, but not before hurting every one of his friends and family with his cowardice.

3 Okay, So What's The Best Thing He's Ever Done?

By and large, Eric is the most well-meaning member of his friend circle. He may have his selfish moments, but he tries most of the time to do the right thing, even if it ends up negatively affecting him. He stood up to his own father when he was acting badly towards Eric's mom. He helped Hyde crash at his house when Hyde was homeless. But most memorably, after his sister was indirectly responsible for giving their father a heart attack, Eric willingly chose to put off going to college, and instead got a job as a waiter to help with the family finances.

2 What's His Most Memorable Contribution To Pop Culture?

Eric was part of the circle on the show, where he and his friends would sit in a circle in his basement and talk about the day's issues while clearly being high on substances. Another famous recurring gag from the show involved Eric's father Red being annoyed by something Eric said or did, and threatening Eric with the line 'My foot is about to drill a hole in your [behind]' or some approximation of it.

1 What Happened To Him After The Show?

By the end of the show, it is indicated that Eric and Donna got back together, even though he had left her at the altar in the previous season. Eric has also come to realize that this true passion lies in teaching, and has accepted a position as a teacher in South Africa. As the 70's wind down to the final year before the start of the '80s, Eric visits his family on new year's eve and participates in the last circle of the decade with his friends.

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