Thanos Travels Back in Time For Marvel's Infinity Wars

The idea that Thanos uses time travel may just be a theory in Avengers: Infinity War, but that's exactly how he's returning to the Marvel Comics timeline.

After traveling to the end of time in his Thanos comic, and seemingly reaching the end of his nearly-immortal life, the biggest villain in Avengers history had no choice but to change history to achieve an even bigger victory. After all, you can't have an Infinity War without him.

And with Marvel's Infinity Wars rocking the comic universe, Thanos had no choice but to make an appearance.

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Now, Marvel fans who have already read the first issue of Infinity Wars (on shelves now) will know all about the shocking Thanos SPOILERS, and where that leaves his role for the remainder of the event. But even before Thanos returned to meet the mysterious power player called Requiem, there was the challenge of actually coming back in time from the end of his "Thanos Wins" series by writer Donny Cates.

That story concluded with the beginnings of a time travel journey, shortly after delivering one of the best Thanos stories we've read. Now, thanks to Thanos: Legacy, comic fans will be able to fill in the gaps.

The comic from Donny Cates, Gerry Duggan, and Brian Level is referred to by Cates as a "thematic sequel" to his run on the villain's series, which is intended to explain how that Thanos - the one who used the Time Stone to go back in time and save himself from becoming the defeated, grey, and older version of himself he just beat bloody - becomes the Thanos seen at the start of Infinity Wars. And according to editor Jordan D. White, have some answers to the questions guaranteed to be sparked by the event's first issue, and the arrival of Requiem:

Donny is cooking up a 20 page story that answers the questions you’re definitely going to have regarding the mind-blowing events of INFINITY WARS PRIME…while Gerry Duggan is writing a story about the connection between Thanos and Requiem. Both shine new lights on the villain of INFINITY WARS and how the story comes from what came before.

It isn't technically required reading to understand what's happening in Marvel's latest Infinity Stone-fueled crossover event. But believe us, the history alluded to between Thanos and Requiem is a story that probably needs telling. It may still be woven into the event to come, but Thanos: Legacy is an intriguing premise all on its own.

When Thanos raised the Time Stone in his final solo issue, it was implied he would simply return to where he left with greater drive and purpose. Where an entire story fits in is a total mystery, but then, that's already a major theme of Infinity Wars so far. Points for continuity.

Thanos: Legacy #1 will be available September 5 from Marvel Comics.

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